Trapezius Slimming for a Wedding Diary

Here is Patricia’s diary about her trap slimming experience:

For every bride-to-be we spend months planning the wedding, we have a bucket list of items we need to tick off before the day and one of those items is pampering ourselves. This can range from facials to weight loss and in my case it was trapezius slimming, yes its unconventional but much needed to create a well-balanced profile between my neck and shoulders. 

I am generally quite an active person, I like building muscles and staying toned but I also like to look feminine and I noticed having big traps shortens my neckline which creates a bulkier upper body. I also have constant shoulder tension which impacts on my neck and gives me headaches. I would visit the physiotherapist/chiropractor to get it relieved temporarily, but the discomfort always returns. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I needed trapezius slimming to relieve the tension and have the added bonus of elongating my neckline.

The saying is “if it doesn’t do you good then get rid of it”, and for me the pros of treatment outweigh the cons.

Like everything else in life, we don’t need things that make our lives harder.

Now in saying that, I don’t mean that we are getting rid of the trapezius muscle completely but to make it smaller so it doesn’t look bulky.

Antiwrinkle injections have been used for years in medicine and for aesthetic purposes. It essentially gives the muscle that it’s been injected into a “holiday”, so it can relax and shrink.

The Treatment Itself

The treatment itself was not painful at all, I did have some small bruises but they were hardly noticeable. A few days in, I have noticed that the tension that I normally get in my traps while I’m doing every day activities is not as strong as usual. The slimming can take months since it is a strong muscle and it can take time to atrophy but the reduced tightness and tension in the traps is already making this treatment worthwhile. I cannot wait to see the results in a few months’ time in my wedding dress!”

After trapezius slimming
After trapezius slimming in her wedding dress