Top 3 Facial areas to Inject for Ageing Prevention

How to get ahead of the pack in the the game of ageing?

There are 3 top areas on the face where prevention is better than cure. See our list of the top 3 areas that you need to focus on while young to put yourself ahead of the game as you age.

1. Frown Line Prevention

Before and after frown line injections
Before and after muscle relaxing injections to frown line. Patient frowning

It is VITAL to prevent frown lines from etching in. Injectors want to avoid having to use dermal fillers in the area. If the frown line etches in, then dermal fillers may be required. If muscle relaxants are used regularly (ie every 3-4 months) over the years, then dermal filler should never be needed in the area. The reason we want to avoid dermal filler in that area, is to avoid the rare but catastrophic issue of blindness.

Frown lines etching in can be prevented by regular use of muscle relaxants at the correct dosage.
When the frown movement is stopped over the long term, the lines are unable to etch in, making use of dermal filer in this area unnecessary.

Are you having your muscle relaxants regularly enough?

2. Crows Feet Prevention

eye ageing treatments
Before and after crows feet injections for eye wrinkles

The 2nd area of prevention is the eye wrinkle area. These lines are very fine, and can take a lot of work to treat if they have etched in. Preventing them from ever etching in using muscle relaxants is so much more efficient.

Eye wrinkles can be prevented, using the correct dose of muscle relaxant injections. If these eye wrinkles remain untreated and etch in over the long term, they can be quite stubborn and difficult to remove. Prevention of these lines is key

3. Accordion Line Prevention

accordion lines
Before and after accordion lines dermal fillers

Accordion lines are the lines that occur in the lower cheek at the sides of the mouth when smiling. They can extend out through the cheek. These lines are another difficult area on the face that are much easier to prevent than they are to treat.The skin needs to be strengthened and filler or skinbooster needs to be injected at this site to prevent these lines from etching in.

Accordion lines can be the most difficult lines on the face to treat once they are etched in. Prevention with dermal fillers and skinboosters is everything. Prevention doesn’t even take that much product. An easy way to address the prevention in this area is for example, when you are having a syringe of filler, to use 0.8mls of it in the area you want to target and then use 0.2mls superficially along the accordion lines. If you do this regularly, the lower cheek will look much better for much longer and when you do want to specifically treat it, it will be a much easier job.


Skin ageing prevention

For those who are more obsessed with treating skin ageing as a whole on the face, we recommend the following:

1. Sun Damage Prevention

This can be done using BBL laser, which is attracted to the brown and the red sun damage in the skin. Two treatments per year are advised

2. Skinbooster and 3. PRP

These  skin collagen stimulators work on the skin as a whole to improve texture, tone and laxity. They should be performed 1-2 times per year to keep your skin youthful.

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