Top 10 FAQs about “Haytox”



 It is amazing how many things we have been able to discover about the plethora of different neuromodulator (anti wrinkle) treatments. So much so that neuromodulator was used for medical treatments way before we even started to use it for our wrinkles!

What is Haytox?

HayTox is a small amount of antiwrinkle delivered topical (so no needles, what a bonus!). This is delivered as a spray to each nostril. A very quick treatment with no downtime involved. 

How does Haytox work? 

When the Hay Tox is sprayed into the nostrils, it works by preventing the stimuli in your nose from being able to detect an “allergen”. Therefore turning off the immune system from reacting to the stimuli and over time allowing our immune system to recover. 

How long has Haytox been around?

Neuromodulators have been around for decades and the different uses of it have increased as time goes on. We have used it for hayfever symptoms for a long time.

Who is a good candidate for Haytox 

It is good for any person that is generally healthy but is having issues with hayfever. Especially for people who have tried all other over the counter treatments and are still having issues. People also have it whilst they are waiting for nasal surgery for more extensive issues as a temporary reliever.  

How long does the treatment last? When do I come back for another treatment?

The treatment generally lasts approximately 4 months, sometimes the first treatment is not effective enough and if that is the case a second treatment at the 4 week mark is recommended. 

You can come back for treatment when you start to notice it wearing off. Otherwise 4 months is recommended.

Is Haytox treatment painful?

No! It is not painful at all as there are no needles involved in this treatment. Sometimes it can irritate the nose for approximately 10 minutes. 

What symptoms can be helped with Haytox?

As the name suggests it can help with common hay fever symptoms including sneezing, nasal congestion and a runny nose.

What are the risks of Haytox treatment?

The main risk is that it might not work on your first treatment and you may need a retreatment at 4 weeks time. 

What is the satisfaction rate of Haytox treatment?

There is considerable satisfaction in patients who treat their hayfever symptoms with Haytox, especially when it comes to symptom control and length of control. Comparable  and maybe even preferable to medical steroid treatments 

What is the price of the Haytox treatment?

Please see our pricing page for the price of antiwrinkle.