The Importance of the Chin in Beauty

Before and after Chin Filler
Before and after Chin Filler

The humble chin is one the most undervalued areas on the face. It is so important for the following reasons:

  • For a beautiful profile
  • For a beautiful jawline
  • For a beautiful neckline
  • For balance between the thirds of the face when looking at the face front on
  • For age appearance

The chin must be assessed for all of the above and more. Dermal filler is our number 1 tool for sculpting the chin. We also may use a muscle relaxant for the muscles in the area, or a fat dissolver for the fat under the chin.
Please see more chin filler before and afters.

Ageing of The Chin

The chin, mandible and entire lower third of the face and neck are such obvious revealers of ageing. We see jowls, loss of mandibular support and the formation of double chins with age. Regular maintenance, and in particular treatment of volume loss and reduction of fat development in this area is key.

Chin and Beauty Examples

Subtle Chin Filler

dermal fillers chin
Before and after dermal filler chin

This patient benefitted from improved projection of the chin using dermal fillers. All images taken on profile will look better and the distance between the neck and the chin will be increased, which looks great in this case.

Chin Filling for Jawline Improvement

Nose, forehead, lips and chin filler
Nose, forehead, lips and chin filler

This patient’s chin filler created better angles in her lower third and neck. We also injected her nose , tear troughs and cheeks.

“Chinulite” and Lack of Projection

Dermal filler chin sydney
Dermal filler chin sydney

Bobbly chin is a common issue, and we are able to use antiwrinkle injections to treat this.
This patient benefited from 1ml of dermal filler to improve projection of the chin.

Chin Fillers and Face Slimming

Before and after chin fillers and jaw slimming injections
Before and after chin fillers and jaw slimming injections

At the Manse Clinic, most often we are assessing and making improvements to the whole face. In this case we slimmed the face and increased projection and length of the chin. The chin was also reshaped, creating more of a pointy angle. We also injected the lips.

The Ageing Chin

Chin filler for ageing face
Before and after dermal filler and antiwrinkle injections to chin

In this case the mentalis muscle was overactive, lifting the chin and stopping it from being at an idea angle. We used a muscle relaxant to relax the muscle to allow descent and projection of the chin, improving the appearance of the lower third of the face and neck. Filler was also used the the area.

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