The Buccal Fat Removal Trend

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We interview Dr Naomi about the Buccal fat removal trent

What are some non-surgical alternatives to buccal fat removal?

Fat dissolving injections are an option. This is a permanent treatment.

For face slimming in general, jawline slimming with antiwrinkle injections is a much more popular treatment than buccal fat removal but it does not give the same effect as buccal fat removal. Antiwrinkle face slimming is a simple injectable procedure for those who want face slimming in the masseter (jawline) area. to give a more V-shaped face. It reduces the size of the masseter muscle. It is a temporary treatment that is usually performed several times per year.

What are the potential risks of those?

With fat dissolving injections it can take some time for the swelling to resolve. The nerves may become temporarily affected which can lead to temporary smile asymmetries.

With masseter slimming, there can be bruising or loss of extreme smile or smile asymmetries.

What are the benefits of going for a non-surgical option over surgery?

With a temporary option, the aesthetic effect is temporary and in general, so are the side effects. Surgery comes with higher risks, and the effects are more difficult to reverse.

What sort of noticeable increase have you seen in clients asking for this look?

Our patients are quite sophisticated and understand that removing buccal fat can contribute to an aged appearance. I would say there is more interest by media in the procedure than by cosmetic patients, but this may be changing.

In terms of muscle relaxant jawline slimming, this has been a very popular procedure for more than a decade in Australasia.

What do you think is driving the trend for these hollowed out cheeks?

Over the last decade I’ve noticed in media and social media, creators and commenters like to guess and discuss what procedures celebrities have had using non-clinical (and often altered) “before and after” images. I think the majority of the time, the celebrity has just aged or lost weight, rather than had a buccal fat removal procedure. I don’t believe that buccal fat removal is really that big of a trend in practice yet. Media needs stories and creators need to create content and I believe that this recent Buccal fat obsession in the media and social media is related to the drive for content. The interesting part about it is that the social and media interest and content may lead to Buccal fat removal becoming a more popular procedure than it was previously. I can see some providers riding the wave of media interest and focusing on it more recently.

What are your thoughts on cosmetic procedures as trends?

Anything aesthetic will always be subject to trends, eg art, fashion, design. Consumers love new, media thrives on the new. I’ve seen many trends come and go over the last 2 decades in my field. Even the discussion of complications has trends in the cosmetic field.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m all for people achieving the look that will make them happy, as long as they understand the risks, including the longer term risks.

From a personal perspective, I love a sculpted cheek and jawline as much as the next person, but too much hollowing in between those areas doesn’t do it for me aesthetically. I love that natural “picture of health”-type appearance with gentle curves and classic proportions. My buccal fat has started to disappear and I will probably replace it with filler.