Tear Trough Filler for a Male

Tear trough filler for a male, is very similar to that for a female.

The tear trough is the depression underneath the eye where the dark circles are, ie where the lower eyelid meets the cheek.

With a male, one of the most important considerations is making the appearance very natural, including the tear trough itself and also the cheek.

Male cheeks in general have a different anatomy to a female cheek.

Here is an example of a tear trough filler for a male patient:

Tear Trough Case Study

Before and after tear troughs 1ml male
Before and after tear troughs 1ml male

This patient presented wanting to improve their under eye appearance.

He had under eye pigmentation, darkness and hollowness.

He was concerned that the results should be 100% natural appearing and that noone would be able to tell that he had any treatment done.

The approach we take in cases like this is a slow and steady one. Gradually building on results over time.

Our first treatment was to inject 1ml in total to his tear troughs, ie 0.5mls to either side to lift the trough gently, please see results.

The Plan

We will inject further filler (probably 1ml) at about 1 month. We like to first treatment to settle in and integrate and all of the swelling to resolve.

We may need another ml 1 month after that.

We will also inject some skinbooster in the area.

We will also recommend some energy based devices and also some brightening home care products.

Before and after tear trough fillers in a male
Before and after tear trough fillers in a male

Treatment of Dark circles in Males

The Manse clinic is very experienced in treatment of dark circles in males.

We offer injectables, lasers, RF devices, chemical peels and advice in brightening at-home skin treatments.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our doctors, please book online or call us on 93315005 or email on info@themanseclinic.com.au .