Subtle Lip Fillers

First Time for Dermal Fillers

Erin Scott and Kasey Rayton
Erin Scott and Kasey Rayton

Erin Scott , our gorgeous patient, had her first treatment with dermal fillers, including lip filler, cheek fillers and bum chin filler.

Erin has a beautiful face, but there are a few tiny details that she wants improved. We have previously treated her with antiwrinkle injections for frown, forhead and eye wrinkles. We have also slimmed her masseters.

Erin really found her upper lip significantly smaller than her lower lip. She just wanted a subtle change in the proportion. She also wanted more angular cheekbones, and to smooth out her bum chin.

On examination, Erin, although beyond stunning, had some areas of asymmetry, including her cheeks and lips. Our plan was to do everything that Erin requested, in a natural and subtle way, and also to improve her symmetry.

Please see below after one side of Erin’s upper lip has been treated:

One side treated with dermal filler and the other untreated

As you can see, we chose to be extremely subtle, as it was Erin’s first time with filler and when you have a really beautiful face to work with, the most important thing is to never overdo it!

3 Separate dermal filler treatments

Erin had a fair bit of swelling come up in the first hour after treatment. See below. She was a bit nervous, but like all new filler patients, I reassured her that it would go down. I also predicted that she would be sad when the swelling went down and want it back! I spoke to Erin the next day, and exactly that happened!

Lip swelling after dermal fillers
 Swelling after lip fillers
Erin’s swelling after lip, cheek and bum chin fillers

Cant wait to share Erin’s final filler results when all of her swelling has calmed down. We also performed another masseter treatment and upper face antiwrinkle injections. Will share another post about this soon.

Erin Scott and Kasey Rayton The Manse
Erin waiting for her first filler treatment ever!

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