Skincare Predictions for 2023

Dr Naomi gives her predictions for skincare in 2023

What skincare/skin treatments do you predict for 2023?

For injectables natural, natural natural looking results. There is definitely less overfilling and a move away from that  generic, “cosmetic patient” look. There is also a bigger acceptance ageing but a bigger focus on skin health and maintenance.

For skin treatments there is a growing focus on homecare and home beauty devices. 

The use of actives and cosmeceuticals will grow in skincare. Consumers want results and they want efficiency.

What were big no no’s of 2022

I polled my social media followers in December 2022 (tens of thousands of beauty achievers) and their feedback was that it’s a no to duck lips, no to outrageous BBLs and  a big no to the Kardashian look. It’s beautiful to see that in 2023 it’s becoming a yes to aesthetic individuality. 

Are there any specific ingredients that are new to market to look out for and what do they do?

Kangaroo Paw Flower is hot! It’s a powerful antioxidant for anti-aging and environmental protection. It contains natural sugars and fibres which help trap moisture for long-lasting hydration and skin conditioning.

There is a new type of injectable on the market, a bioremodeller, which has unique properties that get us closer to the cosmetic holy grail.There is a high XX concentration (64 mg/2 mL), great tissue diffusion and low viscosity. The procedure is low risk, with minimal downtime and natural results. It’s such an easy treatment and patients love the results. 

Do you see people spending more, the same, or less on skincare in 2023?

 More of course 🙂

Where will people go in 2023 for their skincare concerns?

The majority will continue to go online or to retail stores. Retail bricks and mortar for skincare is back. The beauty high achievers will continue to go in-clinic to medical and beauty service providers as well as shopping with retailers.

How have social media such as TikTok, Instagram etc increased awareness of skincare trends over the past 12 months? And how do you see it influencing consumers in 2023?

Tik tok and Instagram are just channels that will continue to be used by marketers in the skincare field, using education and entertainment etc.  Influencer marketing will continue to evolve. Over time, the same as historically, the platforms and channels will change in popularity. Both of those platforms are still very powerful. Traditional media love to use these platforms for content ideas as well. 

With regards to skincare trends, what we find is that things that are already well known in the skincare field are renamed on social media with content created around the new name and then it becomes a “trend”. Some 2022 examples for this are “skin cycling” or “brownie glazed lips”.  This trend-creation aspect of social will grow as consumers love it and when consumers love it, influencers, brands and traditional media take notice and aim to give them more of what they want.

How do you believe consumers have improved their knowledge over the past year?

It’s great when consumers turn to experts online rather than those without qualifications or experience in a field. In 2022 it seems that consumers have been moving in this direction. Media has been doing a great job of sharing skincare information in general and helping consumers become very sophisticated. Skincare consumers have grown their knowledge about ingredients and results. Consumers are also increasing their effort to know about the DNA of a brand, not just the efficacy of their products. They want to learn things like how eco-conscious the brand is, are they inclusive, are they transparent? 

What’s going to make a come back in 2023 – a treatment or a product that’s been long forgotten? 

Ablative laser. Bring back full field resurfacing! We have seen this trend growing in-clinic. There are no skin results like it, so it’s no wonder it is growing again.

In-clinic we have noticed a renewed focus on skin. For the last decade we have been filling the lips and cheeks and jawlines etc, and many of these patients are now turning towards a more natural vibe and focusing on skin improvement.

What treatment or product will phase out?

 I think the trend will be that formulators will use clean ingredients as a minimal standard for their products.

The plasma pen treatment is out due to the risks associated. Insurers see it as too high risk.