Acne Scar Treatment

Before and after 2 treatments of dermal filler and 3 treatments of fractional laser

Before and after multiple treatments for acne scarring including fractional laser, dermal filler and skinbooster

Treatment of acne scarring

Treatment of acne scarring depends on the type of scarring that it is.

For atrophic (depressed) acne scars treatment can involve:

Dermal Filler to acne scars:

The dermal filler is injected under the scar to lift the depression in the skin surface. This is a very satisfying treatment as the results are evident immmediately.

Subcision for tethered scars:

Local anaesthetic is injected underneath the scarring and the tethered tissue is released, enabling the scar to lift. Dermal filler may be used after this treatment

punch biopsy to excise scars

A punch biopsy may be used to excise a very small area of scarring and the hole will be closed with steri strips or sutures and after healing this will improve the appearance

punch elevation to lift acne scars

A punch may be used to lift the area of the scarring to the level of the rest of the surrounding skin

* Fractional ablative laser

A minimum of 5 treatments of fractional laser will be required. Approx 10% of the skin’s surface area is treated. Columns of skin are ablated to an effective depth. New skin will grow in these columns.

* Fractional non-ablative laser

Multiple treatments are required. Columns of the skin are heated, causing stimulation of collagen

* Skin boosters

As scarred skin is very fine, skin boosters are used like a blanket over the whole skin surface, the skin booster stimulates collagen, which will improve the composition of the skin

* Volumising treatments for aging and acne scarring

When volume loss occurs with aging, the effect of this in acne scarred skin, is that it will look worse over time. Patients with a history of acne scarring need to keep on top of their facial volume with treatment with dermal fillers

* PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for acne scarring

Injection of PRP into the dermis supports  and accelerates the process of tissue regeneration and reconstruction.

PRP activates the regeneration of the skin by the activated platelets releasing growth factors, causing:

* Stimulation of new collagen production

* Induction of stem cell division and differentiation

* Stimulation of angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels in the skin

For hypertrophic acne scars see LINK

Cost of acne scarring treatments

Acne scarring treatments can range from less invasive to more invasive. We provide the full range in this spectrum.

Here are the options:

  • Acne Scarring Consultation with Doctor (Initial Consultation) $240 (Visia Complexion Analysis included in consultation)
  • Follow up consultations with Doctor $150
  • Phone request for repeat script (includes postage) $30
  • Acne Consultation with Therapist $100 (Visia Complexion Analysis and $100 of products included in consultation)
  • Deep Cleansing Facial $120
  • Peels $120  (series of 6 peels $600)
  • Microdermabrasion $140 (series of 6 treatments $700)
  • Sonophoresis with vitamin infusions $100 (series of 6 treatments $500)
  • Dermal Filler to fill acne scars $600-$700 per ml
  • Dermal Filler to Volumise starting at $700-$1400
  • punch biopsy 1-2 $300, then $150 per biopsy thereafter
  • punch graft 1-2 $300, then $150 per punch graft thereafter
  • erbium laser single spot to scar edges $1-2 lesions, then $150 per lesion thereafter
  • Non-ablative fractional laser $650
  • Resurfacing laser from $1200
  • Fractional Ablative Laser $1200

Before and after multiple treatments of dermal filler for scarring and volume, and fractional laser

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