Should I be Scared of Lip Filler?

Should I be scared of lip filler?

We interviewed one of our nurses asking, “Should I be scared of lip fillers?” A lot of patients are a little anxious before getting lip filler.

Our nurse helps answer the common concerns about lip fillers

Why should I get my lip filler? 

The lips and the eyes enhance your beauty. With aging, photodamage and smoking, our lips lose volume. Asymmetries of lips can also be the issue. 

Will my lip filler be permanent ?

No, at The Manse we only use fillers that area temporary and are designed for the lip. They can be metabolized by the body and are resorbable. They can also be dissolved with a dissolving product.

Can lip fillers look natural? 

You’re going to be surprised by how natural you will look.  You may even look in the mirror at yourself and think “have I got lip filler done? ”

Does lip filler hurt too much? 

Most filler products have lidocaine  to minimize the discomfort,  numbing cream also can be applied, which takes 10- 15 mins to kick in. You should only feel minimal discomfort.

Will my lips be bruised and swollen? 

Bruising and swelling are both very common after lip injection.  It’s very noticeable the first couple of days then it  fades and settles. 

Am I going to have a duck filler look? 

It is important to never over treat a patient !  You should start with a little amount of filler and go back to see your practitioner in 4 weeks and see if you need more to achieve the results.

The default look I’m going to give you is very natural, with flat lips rather than projected, ducky lips.