“Russian Lips”

Russian Lips
Russian Lips by The Manse

What are “Russian Lips”?

“Russian Lips” as a phrase, has a lot of different meanings for different people. One thing that may be agreed upon is that the before and after images have a certain look.

The before and after images appear to have a noticeable increase in height of the lips but with minimal projection ie not a “ducky appearance”. More a “flat” upper lip type appearance.

The technique for creating this type of appearance is not new.

Is the concept a bit scammy?

We wouldn’t say that it is “scammy” but there are important considerations for patients who want to have lips with a lot of height but minimal extra projection.

The main issue is that the before and afters are only in a similar type of lip that for an injector is easy to lift without too much projection. The unfortunate part is that some patient’s lips, due to their anatomy, will not be able to achieve the results that are seen in these heavily advertised before and afters.

What do you suggest I do as as patient?

For those who would like the “height without projection look” and this is really the majority of patients, please just tell your injector that and have a discussion with them on what it is possible to achieve. Feel free to bring images as well.

Examples of “Russian Lips”

Russian lips
Lip filler before and after
Before and after lip fillers
Before and after lip fillers
Russian lips before and after
“Russian lips” before and after
Before and after Russian Lips' or "Flat Lips"
Before and after Russian Lips’ or “Flat Lips”