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Can fillers be done to correct this specific area? How many ml approximately would be needed?

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Hi Dr Naomi.
Just curious, in which area do you inject to target the upper eyelid?
I also have hollow eyes and I’m scared about blindness as a risk.
It says the highest risk areas are nose, glabella, nasiolabial and forehead.
I know all areas pose some risk, but those are the ones outlined I guess.

Dr Naomi Edited comment 11/02/2019

Hi Adam,
Where we target the upper eyelid depends on where the volume loss is, which can be different on different people. Commonly the medial upper orbital rim gets an obvious depression which we fill. Also the lateral brow is an important part of injecting for that area.
Blindness is definitely a risk in this area due to the 2 important arteries running through.

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