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I have been seeing a dermatologist for three years now for pigmentation/melasma. I have been getting peels in the colder months every 3 to 4 weeks and been put on prescription hydroquinone. I am dude to restart the process again this year. I have an autoimmune disease (SLE lupus) and my pigmentation is getting worse. I feel as if I am wasting my money as I see no improvement. Every time I ask him about lasers he says that it is expensive, painful and the pigmentation will return and get worse. I am just over wearing heavy makeup every day to cover the brown splotches in my skin which are mainly on my upper lip, nose and forehead with a few marks on cheeks. I have medium olive skin which tans easily. What are your thoughts? Hope you can help

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We offer a melasma program, which includes advice on behaviour,  topicals, peels and several energy based devices. It’s really important for patients to fight the melasma, even if they think they are not getting anywhere, as it can become worse, and more difficult to treat as time goes on.

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