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I’m from Rockhampton in Qld and have been seriously considering getting a threadlift as my jowls are starting to sag slightly. Nothing major, but I don’t think that fillers will give me the results that I’m after and I’d like to get them under control before they get too back.
I’m happy to travel to Sydney to get this done, but just wondering if you think it’s the best option for me? Is there somewhere I can send photos to discuss?
Thanks so much.

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Thanks for your message.
Our clinic does not provide assessment or advice on treatments (other than general advice, which is available on the website) until the patient has an in-person consultation.
Patients should be adequately volumised before they should consider a threadlift.
Patients need a face to face consultation with a doctor who will take a medical history, examine the patient and discuss the aesthetic assessment, the risks, the patient’s risk tolerance, goals, expectations and options before moving to the next step of making a plan for treatment. Trying to jump any of these critical stages may lead to poor outcomes and a lower satisfaction.
The clinic email is info@themanseclinic.com.au

Dr Naomi Answered question 13/07/2018
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