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I have deviated septum and am due to get a septoplasty soon. I am also booked in to get tear trough fillers prior to that and was wondering

1) what kind of time frame should I give between having the tear trough fillers and the septoplasty. The septoplasty is with an ENT surgeon and is not a minimally invasive one.

2) will getting the septoplasty done after the tear troughs (even if its >4 weeks after), affect or ruin the tear trough fillers?

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Wait 6 months from tear trough treatment to rhinoplasty.
Sometimes with swelling in the tear trough area (like could happen post rhinoplasty), the filler will attract water in those who are predisposed to that issue and you may look worse with the post rhinoplasty swelling.

Dr Naomi Answered question 09/07/2019
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