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Note: I did not get this treatment done with you, but it seems like you have the most information about this subject.

I got IPL laser done on my chest, and white stripes have occurred. I get quite tan in the summer, but I had some tiny freckles on my chest area. After my session, I felt a terrible burn for 2 hours, and it itched for about a week after. It was also red and some mild blistering. Is this a normal reaction?

The place where I got it done, haven’t heard or seen this reaction before. I also googled it, and not a lot of information came up, other than its not normal. But when I saw your page, I got some hope. And I’m having more treatments done, to try even it out.

But my main question is; will the stripes get tanned again in the summer? I’m really concerned. Is this normal for a brown-eyed, brown-haired and a bit tanned girl? To get those white stripes?

I would really appreciate an answer, thank you!

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Sorry, we cannot answer this question without seeing you in person, and also potentially testing devices on your skin.
Hope all goes well.

Dr Naomi Answered question 09/07/2019
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