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I am looking to have dermal filler to the forehead for volume purposes.

My main concern is the possible side effects (I am quite scared to be honest).
I understand that loss of vision, scarring and blood vessel blockage is possible.
I don’t mean to display lack of faith in your skills, but have any such side effects ever occurred at your practice? Are there any ways to minimise such side effects occurring?
Also , how extensive is the swelling/brusing (that is, is it very noticeable)?
Finally, I understand that follow ups are probably necessary, in which case are there extra costs for the follow ups?
Thank you!

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We have so far had swelling and bruising previously with forehead filling at our practice. We have not had any serious complications like occlusion or infection in the forehead, but we HAVE had these complications in other areas of the face (Please see our blog posts re some of our cases on these topics).
We do everything in our power (using the latest evidence) to reduce these complications.
The main thing to be prepared for, is that multiple mls are usually required to make the contour projected and smooth,. For safety, usually 1 ml or 2 max are injected per treatment. It is common to need 3 or 4 mls or more.
All filler is paid for ie there is no complimentary filler given by our clinic.
If you need more filler to achieve the look that you want then you will pay for it.
The swelling and bruising is variable, but for most not a big issue.

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