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I have blue veins in my tear troughs which make them appear very dark, however I’m only 20 and happy with the amount of volume in this area. I noticed your website recommended 3 treatments of 1ml fillers to increase volume in the tear troughs – would this be the same if correcting colour and prominent veins? Are there any other ways to correct this problem? Thank you!

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For prominent veins under the eyes, the treatment depends on the colour of the veins. We have a laser to correct blue veins and a different laser to correct red veins. In this circumstance, for us to recommend what is actually suitable for you, a consultation, with examination and discussion is required. If the skin is fine, around the veins, then you may also benefit from troughbooster or PRP treatments rather than a filler for the area.

In this delicate area, most commonly, multiple and gradual treatments will achieve the best results safely.

Hope this helps

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