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Hello! Just a question in regards to the injectable treatment for double chin! When you say $900 for one vial or 2×2 vial for $2800, what’s a vial? And when would you need 2 vials in one session? Thanks x

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Hi Tiana,
Thanks for your question.
A vial is a vial of the product. The product comes is bottles (vials) and a vial is one of these bottles. I’m not sure how else I can further answer this part of your question.
Most patients are suitable for at least 2 vials per treatment. The amount of vials depends on how much fat is there. So the more fat, the more vials required. The other issue is the available downtime. One of our injectors has many patients who choose to only have 1 vial per treatment so that this limits their downtime. This is because more vials cause more swelling.
The other factor is how quickly you want to be finished the treatment course. The more vials you have per treatment session, the quicker you will finish the course. However the injector will after examination, will be able to tell you the maximum number of vials that you can have per treatment sesssion.
So it is important to have a consultation to assess your neck and how you should proceed. Choosing 1-3 vials per treatment session will come down to the following.
How much fat you have in your chin area.
How much downtime you would like to have per treatment
How quickly you would like to get the double chin fat dissolved
(Sorry, I have edited the brand names from your original question because we are not allowed to have them online, due to Australian regulations)

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