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Hello, I’ve had a dermal filler for my chin in Korea. My chin before the filler was vertically short. Also, the shape of the chin was uneven. After the filler, my chin became slighty longer with a v-shape, and my chin became comparatively more even. Could I get the same result with your dermal filler? Also, how long will it last? + Should I pay the consultation fee of $240 when all I want is just to get the filler injection?

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Chin filler is a very common procedure that we perform at our Sydney clinic. We use it for symmetry and contour improvement, and also for lengthening and /or for more projection. We also use it for shape improvement, including creating more of a Vshape with the filler.

As to the booking fee, if you come for your consultation and have the treatment on the same day, then this amount that you have already paid for the booking fee is taken off the price of the filler. If you do not go ahead with treatment on the day then your booking fee will cover the cost of the consultation.

You should find out which filler that you had in Korea, as we will choose not to inject over your permanent filler at our clinic.

As to lasting, depends on number of mls injected and other factors. We recommend having a treatment, then if you are satisfied with the results after 4 weeks, then you should have the treatment at 6 months, then 6 months, then once per year. If you are not happy with the treatment at 4 weeks, then you should have your next treatment at 1-4 months to build up the area

Thankyou for your enquiry 🙂

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