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Hi dr Naomi,

I’ve been having my cheeks and marionette lines done by multiple doctors over the years and haven’t really come across a doctor that can truly do a aesthetically pleasing job. One did but he’s not longer practicing. So can you suggest a doctor in your clinic that specialises in cheeks and marionette lines injections? Not just a doctor but also an “artist”with great eyes for aesthetic. Many thanks.

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I know they are all very qualified with injections but I need help in choosing “the one”. Cheers.


Hi Glider,
Cheeks and marionettes are able to be done by all of our doctors who are all trained in face design..
Don’t make me choose my favourite child 🙂
The best thing to do is call the clinic on 93315005 and talk to Rima or Alex. They can take your full history about what you did and didn’t like with previous treatment and they know the doctors well and which treatments and patient style they suit etc very well and can point you in the right direction.

Dr Naomi Answered question 11/05/2019