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Hi, I was wondering in your opinion what was a better option for injecting cheeks/front cheek with?
I have gone to another injector previously (who I won’t mention) and loved that the cannula provided limited bruising but I found the holes where injections were made are not symmetrical which has resulted in two slightly different placements of filler. (This isn’t really noticeable but is to me!)
Also, there seems to be a but of a bubble one one side almost like the filler was not massaged properly?
I just wanted to know if this is a result of the injector not doing a great job or the use of cannula. Would smaller needles create more even symmetry and spread product more?

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I would say it is mostly possible to get the same aesthetic results with needle and cannula. Also the needle entry points dont need to be symmetrical to create symmetrical placement of product.
Cannula use usually does result in less bruising, and in some cases less swelling, too.
Lumps are possible with needles and cannula.
As to whether this is a result of the injector not doing a great job or due to cannula, I wouldn’t be able to answer that, as I don’t have enough information.
I’m not sure that needles would necessarily create more even symmetry and spread product more.
Symmetry comes mostly from assessment of it and then acting on it, the injector should also be aware and in a constant feedback loop with regards to symmetry while injecting. Product can be spread with needles or cannula.

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