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Hi Dr Naomi. I had fillers in cheeks for the second time 2 years ago. The person who applied it put a lot more in one side than the other. At the time it was very uneven and I was sure that there was some movement/migration to one spot in my cheek (bottom of the apple). After a long period of persistence another dr at the same clinic dissolved the majority of the old filler and reapplied it. It certainly looks and feels to me like it has moved again – but the dr who did the work said it’s not possible. Can you tell me if it is possible for the fillers to move if there is excess put in?

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Hi Jodi,
It is possible, but it is so rare that it is much more likely that it didn’t. I have only seen filler move twice in my life out of injecting 10s of thousands of syringes.
Both times it was in the outer cheek and it moved a small distance to the temple area. It was obvious at the time of injection as it moved straight away.
Ps I will qualify this by saying that I generally have used dissolvable fillers and also a certain technique.
Most of the time that patients think that it has moved, it has not moved. I cannot tell you how many times the patient has their nasolabial fold or marionette folds treated and they think that the product has moved laterally when it hasn’t, it’s their original problem that is the cause of what they see in their minds, and they are looking to blame a different cause.

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