“No Prep, No Laser”

before and after pigmentation treatment
Before and after pigmentation treatment

Preparation for a laser/ IPL treatment

The Manse clinic policy is “No prep, no laser”. What we mean by this is that we want to get you onto the correct skincare so that you will get the best results, with the lowest risk and the quickest healing when you have a treatment with an energy based device.

How do we prep your skin for treatment?

You come in for a consultation with our therapists, they will then find out what improvments you want to make to your skin, they will examine your skin and give you advice about products and treatments to most efficiently meet your skin goals.

The therapist will start you on an individualised skincare treatment program, and book in your treatments.

Pigmentation Case Study

In the patient above, she wanted brightening, sun damage and melasma improvement and all of her colour issues improved (including pigmentation and redness). She also wanted better texture


  • Lightening cream to reduce risk of pigmentation with energy based device treatments
  • LIghtening cream also to directly improve the pigmentation.
  • Skincare to improve texture
  • Skincare to stimulate collagen
  • Skincare to aid healing with laser
  • Sciton Joule treatment sessions x 3 (results in image after only 1 treatment)

Call us and make an appointment with out therapist and get the glowing skin you’ve always wanted