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Dr Andi and I at the Spa, on board Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas

The Medispa at Sea

I love a cruise, and I think it’s amazing that so many of them now have cosmetic doctors on board. On my last cruise, which was Royal Caribbean, I met up with the ship’s Cosmetic Doctor,  Dr Andi, who agreed to be interviewed to share with us what life is like for cruise ship doctors and cruise ship cosmetic patients.

My only gripe about cruise ship spas, is that they don’t have lasers (yet). Bring it on! I would so get my capillaries treated onboard if they had a good piece of equipment!!!

Here’s my interview with Dr Andi, who I thank so much for being my interview guest.

Dr N: Is being a cosmetic doctor on a luxury cruise ship the best job in the world?

Dr A: It definitely is! I am in an amazing environment wherein I am able to meet different types of people and help them look and feel their best. I get to do it on a floating hotel and travel to exotic locations while I’m doing my work.

Dr N: What are your patients like?

Dr A: A lot of people come to the ship for some R&R. Some feel that time has taken it’s toll on them due to stress at home or at work and are looking for non-invasive ways to achieve a much more refreshed look. Back home they’re always busy and have no time to look into the treatments, so here on the ship, they have more time on their hands. They can just come up to the spa by pressing an elevator button and I am there to take care of them. No need to sit through traffic!

Dr N: Is it mostly patients who’ve had injectable treatments before or is it people who are new to the world of cosmetic treatments?

Dr A: Surprisingly a lot of my patients are new to injectable treatments, and most of the time, they are quite anxious about it. But after they found out about the results that I could provide, they become excited about it. I explain that it’s quite safe since a medical professional like me administers it and the results look very natural as well. After the cruise they just end up looking more refreshed and rejuvenated, and people won’t know their secret!

Dr N: What is the most popular injectable treatment on the cruise ship? Which area of the face are cruisers choosing to improve?

Dr A; It varies from cruise to cruise, depending on the demographic of the guests. A lot of people age 30s onward prefer the* ______ (dermal fillers) and *_____ (anti wrinkle) treatments. Nowadays it’s more about prevention, to prevent wrinkles from deepening and becoming more permanent. Some like the fillers because it lasts longer and provide results similar to a surgical face-lift but without the downtime.

Dr N: What is the best part of the job?

Dr A; Best part is seeing how happy my guests feel after the treatment, when they feel more confident about themselves, and have a positive effect on their mental well being just by improving their natural features. At the same time being able to see different parts of the world for free!

Dr N: What is the worst part of the job?

Dr A; Working on cruise ships can be quite hectic and demanding. Everything is extremely fast paced. And working away from family and friends for several months can be quite daunting. But it’s always about maintaining that balance in your life and establishing friendships on the ship. I get to have friends from all over the world.

Dr N: How do the staff treat you on the ship?

Dr A: The staff on the ship is quite respectful to each other regardless of race, religion or orientation. The ship becomes our home away from home so we treat each other as family. Some of the staff also get treatments from me.

Dr N: Are cruise ship patients nicer because they are on holidays, relaxed and having a good time?

Dr A: I would say that they seem to be more open and adventurous when they’re on vacation and like to try out different things. In the back of their minds they’ve been thinking about the treatments but they have inadequate information so they like to inquire more about it once they’re here. And because of the fact that the cruise makes them more relaxed, it just adds more effect to their well-rested look.

Dr N: How is the satisfaction rate for the treatments that you perform?

Dr A: In my practice onboard I make sure that I correctly manage their expectations. I discuss with them about the results that they want to achieve and provide a suitable treatment plan. Because of this all of my guests are extremely happy with the results.

Dr N: Do you work all over the world? Are there regional differences in the cosmetic patients or are they similar in all parts of the world?

Dr A: Ever since I started working on ships I’ve been to about less than 40 countries. I find that everyone has similar anti-aging concerns and everyone is looking for ways and means to look younger. The aging process is inevitable but there are treatments that effectively minimize the signs of aging. And sometimes they are not keen yet for a surgical approach so my treatments are perfect for them.

Dr N: Are you going to stay on ships forever? What are your plans?

Dr A: Travelling around the world while I get to do my work is quite exciting and fun. I get a lot of happy clients who are interested on where I would go next. Maybe when I get tired of travelling (I’m not sure when that will be) I would setup a practice in Asia where my loyal clients can come and see me. Most of them try to keep in touch with me so they know where I’ll be going next.

Dr N: How do prices on a cruise ship compare to prices in port?

Dr A: The prices are quite similar on land. But here on the ship I don’t charge consultation fees so they save already just by seeing me. And they get to relax and recuperate more on the ship afterwards.

Dr N: Anything else you think cosmetic patients would like to know about you or being a patient on a cruise?

Dr A: All the treatments I provide are all safe and effective. They have been around for decades and the results look very natural.

I am a licensed medical doctor from the Philippines. I have been practicing for 6 years now and I focus on non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. I completed my training in Miami, Florida under Dr. Brad Hermann who is a renowned plastic surgeon.

For those who want to end up looking and feeling more refreshed and relaxed during and after their cruise can visit me up in the spa. I’ll take good care of you.

Kind regards,

Andi-Joseph R. Alinsod, M.D.

* Australian law prohibits me from publishing injectable drug names online on a website that I control, as it is considered advertising, even though this is clearly an informational post and website.

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