Most Popular Injectable and Thread Treatments

What Injectables and Threadlifts are popular for 2022?

1. Injectable Browlift

Injectable browlift before and after
Injectable browlift before and after

Look fresher and more awake using antiwrinkle injections, by lifting the brows gently. A subtle result but one that patients can’t do without once they start.
Please see more information on injectable browlifts here.
Price:  For best results we recommend the budget is around $700.

2. Lip Fillers

Lip fillers
Lip fillers before and after

3. Frown Line Treatment

Frown lines before and after
Frown lines before and after

A simple treatment which prevents etching-in of these frown lines.
This is for those who want to avoid having a negative look to their appearance and stop looking concerned or angry.
Price: Starting at $390

4. Tear Trough Fillers

Before and after tear troughs 1ml male
Before and after tear troughs 1ml male

For those with under eye hollowing, who are regularly asked “Are you tired”. We are able to lift the depression and make a more smooth transition from eyelid to cheek. Adding skinbooster treatments is advised.
Price: $770 per treatment

5. Short Threadlifts

6. Full Face Design

Cheeks filler, troughs nasolabial folds
Before and after full face of filler including cheeks filler, troughs and nasolabial folds

This example above included temples, tear troughs, cheeks and nasolabial folds.
For those who need an overall freshen up, please come and have a face design consultation and our doctors will make a plan for a multi-area filler treatment.
Price: Starting at $2400 for a liquid lift package (package doesn’t include temples or forehead or nose fillers).

7. Nasolabial Fold Fillers

Before and after nasolabial fold fillers
Before and after nasolabial fold fillers

Nasolabial folds are the folds going from the nose down to the mouth corners that become deeper-appearing with age.
Filling these folds is a natural-looking treatment with a high satisfaction rate. 
Multiple treatments may be required to reach the lift required.
Price: Starting at $770.

8. Neck Biostimulator

Neck biostimulator
Neck biostimulator

For those who have wrinkling and loosening of the neck skin. We use a biostimulator product, which volumises and stimulates your body’s own collagen. Results are seen immediately and improve over the next few months. Lasting up to 2 years
Price: Starting at $1500 per treatment.

9. Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkle injections before and after
Forehead wrinkle injections before and after

Everyone loves a smoother forehead.
We are able to inject this with minimal movement, or like in this case, we have reduced the movement significantly. 
Price: Starting at $390 (Price may be less when combined with other antiwrinkle treatments).

10. Masseter Slimming

Masseter Slimming
Masseter Slimming and other injectables

For those with bruxism (jaw clenching) and also for those with a wider face that they would like to reduce, we offer face slimming injections.
(Image above: face slimming and multiple other injectable treatments were performed)
Price: Starting at $590


Please make an appointment for a consultation with our doctors or therapists for skin design and to create a plan.
Please  book online  or call 93315005