More Difficult Tear Troughs!

Before dermal filler tear troughs

This is the photo a patient emailed me asking if there was hope for her under eyes. She wasn’t sure if her tear troughs could be improved with dermal filler

I sent an email back saying I thought they could be improved!

At our first consultation,  I injected 1ml of dermal filler into her cheeks and tear troughs

This is after 1ml dermal filler was injected into her tear troughs and cheeks

Obviously more was required, so we used another ml

2 weeks after second syringe of dermal filler.

Her tear trough results are really quite good compared to the before photo, but of course I am tortured and want it to be more perfect!!! I want the tear troughs perfectly flat like they have been photoshopped (which may be unrealistic). I will admit that the cheek result is very subtle but also very nice:)

My work life in general, but particularly tear trough treatment is like the Charles Baudelaire quote about the study of beauty:

“The study of beauty is a duel in which the artist cries with terror before being defeated.”

At least the patient is happy and won’t be constantly asked about why she looks tired any more!