Marionette, Chin and Jawline Dermal Filler Injections

Before and after dermal filler to marionettes, jawline, chin, nasolabial folds and cheeks

As I always say, in cosmetic treatment, assessment is everything. In this case it was really important. So often in cosmetic medicine, particularly in younger patients, the lower third of the face is an injector’s afterthought. This is a shame, because there are younger patients with certain anatomy, where lower face injecting is their key to beauty. These areas may include the chin, the marionettes and the jawline.

This patient came to me with a history of various previous cosmetic treatments, but with none focusing on the lower face. On assessment, the patient was very pretty, but had a few areas that if treated, would take her to the next level of youth-appearance and attractiveness. The lower third of her face had been neglected and she had some areas there that were ripe for improvement.

What areas needed improvement?

The Marionettes

These are the folds that go from the corner of the lips downward to the jawline. In this case they were noticeably depressed.

The Prejowl sulcus.

This is the depression at the bottom of the marionettes along the jawline in front of the jowl. In this case, it is just on the verge of formation, which is when is the perfect time to start giving it some support with dermal filler.

The pre jowl sulcus is such an important area in ageing, as it is one big clue, like volume,  which an observer uses to make a subconscious decision about a person’s age.

The Nasolabial Folds

This area is slightly controversial, and some injectors don’t believe in injecting them as they believe that the cheeks should be lifted instead.

The Cheeks

This is where volume loss tends to hit first, and with the lips, cheek dermal filler is what cosmetic patients just love getting done. It is the “WOW” treatment. It is subtle, but makes a great impact to age appearance, level of attractiveness and to improved selfies! There’s no point improving the lower face only, as a lot of that ageing comes from mid face volume loss anyway, so getting the cheeks right is vital.

The Chin

What an underinjected area. The chin can need more projection, more length or a combination of both. This is where assessment is so important. In this case, the patient actually needed chin lengthening.

What did we do?

We injected:

Cheeks 2.5 mls

Nasolabial folds 0.2mls

Marionettes and Prejowl sulcus (jawline) 1ml

Chin 0.3mls

The Results

We achieved the results that we were aiming for. The face is more harmonious and younger. Some facial zones have less demarcation between them, which can be the hallmark of a younger face.

The after photo looks more healthy, which is always the aim of treatments

When I showed the patient the before and after, she said “I looked so tired in the before”

Please also note the improvement in the tear troughs, which occurred because of the support below the cheek-eyelid junction, which in the right anatomy, is the key. Often it’s all a patient needs to get a great result in this area

I’m so happy to get started so early on a face, I just know that it is going to do well with ageing:)

Thanks to the generous patient who allowed her photos on my blog. With this selfless act, she is contributing to more information being available to readers.

Total  Treatment Cost

This patient used the 4ml package that we offer. Cost is from $2000

The least amount of product that might give a result is 1ml which is from $750 depending on product.

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