Liquid Facelift Diary

As we age, our facial bones dissolve and therefore the bony support that it provided to our skin envelope is impaired, and the face will show signs of volume loss and sag.

We are able to treat these issues non-surgically with dermal filler, which basically acts to replace the bony and soft tissue support that has been lost.

Here is a classic case of volume loss. Like most patients, this lady did not want to have surgery, so we performed a non-surgical facelifting procedure.

Here are her before photos. She had laser ablation of warts and moles on the day of the procedure which is why she has small dressings on her face.

Before Treatment

We injected multiple syringes of dermal filler, the most in the cheeks, and also in the chin, jawline (in particular the pre jowl sulcus) and in the lips and nasolabial folds.

24 Hours after treatment with dermal filler (and laser)

The patient had significant swelling and bruising, which was related to the large number of syringes  injected. This amount of bruising would be typical for this procedure, if needles are used, although some patients are lucky enough to have none. The patient was experiencing pain in the most-filled areas. At this stage of treatment if multiple mls of dermal filler have been used, and there is pain, then Panadol is an option.

Even through these side effects of bruising and swelling, we can see the improved structure of the face start to take shape. The marionette lines and folds are reduced, the jawline looks significantly straighter, with significant improvement of the jowls and and the cheeks have lifted.

day after restylane perlane The day after dermal filler for liquid facelift and laser for moles and warts. NB the swelling and bruising that has occurred
The day after multiple syringes of dermal filler, bruising, red needle marks and swelling

The Liquid Facelift Results

We were delighted with the results, which we reviewed at 4 weeks after the treatment. Here they are:

The Benefits

I think that this patient had just forgotten how gorgeous she actually is.

It just took a few needles to remind her!

Anyway, in the review appointment, she just couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

Like all patients, she was worried about looking natural. Please check out the pics below.

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