Lip Swelling after Dermal Fillers

Lip filler swelling day 1-3
Lip filler swelling day 1-3

I’m going to share with you the progress of swelling after lip fillers to help give you an idea of what is typical. A lot of patients freak out because they think that the swelling is the results. Rest assured it is not!

See below on the typical progress. This will vary with personal differences in healing, in bruising and in what treatment is performed and also the aftercare you use.

Day 0 (day of lip filler treatment)

Straight after the treatment there is significant swelling. Often there is asymmetry. Please do not be too concerned about the symmetry in the first few weeks, as it is impossible to assess until the swelling has resolved. If you are concerned, make an appointment with your doctor at the 4 week mark to review.

Day 1 (24 hours after procedure)

Often the swelling the morning after the procedure is when it is at its most extreme. The upper lip will have significant projection and may be significantly bigger than the lower lip. This will usually resolve over time (unless that is what you asked for in the treatment!).

Pain, discomfort and tenderness are common at this stage.

Day 2 (48 hours after procedure)

The worst of the swelling will be in the first 48 hours and often after this time, it may start to reduce over the next few days

Day 3

At day 3 after the lip filler procedure, the patient may start to notice an improvement in the swelling. There maybe slightly less projection in the upper lip and it will be more comfortable to talk and eat. There will still be tenderness to touch.

2 Weeks Later

At 2 weeks after the lip filler, they will be settling in. There will still usually be a small amount of swelling, but most people can have photos at this stage which will look OK.

4 Weeks Later

At 4 weeks after the lip filler, the lips should be settled. It is at this time that the results can be assessed for size and symmetry. If the patient wants more then it can be done at this time. If there needs to be symmetry correction, then it can be performed at this time.

After lips settled
After lips settled

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