Before and after photorejuvenation

Before and after multiple laser treatments for photorejuvenation

Before and after 1 treatment. Freckle removal and IPL of face

Before and after IPL photorejuvenation 1 treatment

Before and after laser photo rejuvenation for redness


Photorejuvenation is a broad descriptive term for anything that improves or reverses photoaging. ie removing sun damage and improving the appearance of aged skin.

Often it is referring to treatment with an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Device.

At Dr Naomi, we have the best IPL on the market, which is Sciton BBL. There are multiple wavelengths available, but the most commonly used ones for photorejuvenation are the 515 wavelength, which targets pigment, and the 560 wavelength, which targets redness and capillaries in the skin.

If a patient comes in requesting “photorejuvenation”, then I will first assess their face, looking for what is the actual issue, eg:

  1. Wrinkles
  2. Redness and capillaries
  3. Pigmentation, brown spots, freckles and sun damage
  4. Folds
  5. Volume loss

If the skin has any brown or red discolourations on it, then photorejuvenation will give an excellent results. Please see pages on freckle removal (which will include sun damage removal also).

Cost of IPL / BBL photorejuvenation

Full face photorejuvenation brown only $680 per treatment, 2 treatments required 2-4 weeks apart

Full face photorejuvenation brown and red targeted $990 per treatment 3 treatments required 3 weeks apart

photorejuvenation red targeted small area of face $350, medium $490 large $590

Other procedures for photorejuvenation

  • Microlaser Peel
  • Fractional laser
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Skin Boosters
  • Antiwrinkle injections

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