Do you dream of magazine-worthy air-brushed skin? A flawless complexion can boost your youth, sex-appeal, and confidence! Find your glow at The Manse Clinic with our Q-Switch laser facial (also known as laser toning)

SPECIAL OFFER NOW! We are offering a COMPLIMENTARY chemical peel (worth $200) to anyone who books a Q-Switch laser facial!
A chemical peel works by inducing a controlled wound to the skin, removing the top layers of the skin, causing collagen remodelling. When combined with the collagen stimulation of a Q-Switch laser, skin appears fresh and rejuvenated

Laser treatments are some of the most effective ways to improve your skin texture, reduce pigmentation, crepiness and fine lines, as well as target signs of aging. You should consider laser if you’re unsatisfied with your skin tone, and you want to refresh your complexion to reveal a younger and more beautiful you!

The key benefits of Q-Switch laser

  • Helps to alleviate melasma and pigmentation, particularly for darker skin tones
  • Stimulates the skin’s natural collagen to reveal a youthful complexion
  • Skin is revitalised, with an improved texture and tone

Here at the Manse

In addition to Q-Switch, we offer a wide range of different laser treatments. Upon consultation, your therapist will generally recommend which is best for you based on your specific skin problems, but some of our most requested laser treatments are:


This IPL laser has been proven to dramatically improve the appearance of ageing skin. BBL (a type of IPL) delivers intense pulses of light to tissue to target specific problems and achieve consistent and efficient results

– Minimum cost $680

Fractional Laser

This laser is perfect for you if you’re looking for a smooth skin texture that’s free of pigmentation. It heats thousands of channels into the skin, activating the body’s wound healing mechanisms but leaving the surrounding skin intact, so that rapid healing is possible

– Minimum cost $650

Laser Genesis

Laser genesis is a device that uses the Excel V by Cutera. It’s suitable for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for those with redness and rosacea. It’s perfect for those who want natural-looking glowing skin, as it doesn’t create any surface damage

– Minimum cost $500

Erbium Laser

This laser targets the water in the skin, vaporising the tissue on the skin’s surface in a controlled manner to resurface deeper skin layers. Post-treatment, the upper-most layer of skin is removed and a brand-new skin surface is created

– Minimum cost $2650

Why the Manse?

The Manse is your go-to destination for luxury cosmetic treatments. Located in the heart of Sydney, we offer a discreet and premium service for your personalised needs. We’re different from your average clinic as rather than having an injecting nurse supported by an offsite doctor via Skype, we have a team of 7 doctors – all of whom have a wealth of experience and are highly trained. So you can relax knowing your face is in good hands!

The scale of pain varies from treatment to treatment – some are painless, while others can produce some discomfort. Happy gas and numbing cream are available.
Depending on the type of treatment, side effects vary - some have no down-time, while with others you can expect some redness and discomfort. Generally post-laser treatment, you should take care to avoid sunlight and certain types of skin products.
Although you will see some immediate improvements in your skin, the full results are usually more gradual, with skin problems improving over weeks and months post-treatment

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Offer Terms & Conditions: A Q-Switch laser treatment must be purchased to redeem the complimentary peel. Treatments may not be split between people. Not transferable to another patient or another day. There are no guarantees about your suitability for the procedure and doctors reserve the right to refuse patient treatment. There are no refunds even if you are unsuitable for part or all of your package. The Manse clinic reserves the right to end the sale or offer at any time without prior notification or advertisement. Payment for package will be made prior to treatment. Please also refer to website for all clinic T and Cs. No refunds.No complimentary top ups, corrections at cost to patient. Results will vary from patient to patient. Patients required to follow after-care procedures as directed by the doctor. Cancellations 24 hours or less incur a $350 fee

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