Jawline Slimming Injections FAQs

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Jawline Slimming Sydney

Jawline slimming injections is one of the most popular treatments at our Sydney clinic. Slimming the masseter muscles makes a square jaw or square face look more slim, oval or heart shaped. The patient’s face is slimmed going from a more masculine square shape to a lovely heart shape.

Jawline slimming sydney
Before and after for jawline slimming. Please note the asymmetry in the jawline in the before photo
Jawline slimming before and after
Jawline slimming before and after
Before and after jawline slimming
Before and 8 weeks after 1 treatment of injections for jawline slimming
Before and after face slimming masseters
Before and 8 weeks after 1 treatment of injections in masseters for jawline slimming
Masseter reduction before and after
Before and after injections for reducing squareness of jawline

Before and after jawline slimming injections for square jawline

How long does it take to kick in?

The masseter treatment with muscle relaxing injections takes up to 8 weeks to reach its full effect. Your review appointment after the treatment will be at 6-8 weeks. Results are assessed at this appointment

Is masseter treatment only suitable  for the Asian face?

Although very popular with Asian patients, the masseter slimming injection treatment is suitable for anyone who would like to slim down the lower third of their face. Many patients think their faces are too round or too square and would like it slimming. Masseter injections are also good for patients who have bruxism, which is a problem with excessive jaw clenching. This injectable treatment feminises the face so it appears more soft and pretty.

Who is jawline slimming good for?

Masseter muscle reduction is great for patients with Bruxism, ie excessive grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw. Treatment of bruxism may improve the symptoms, which include hypersensitivity of the teeth, headaches, aching jaw muscles. Treatment with muscle relaxing injections will also improve the appearance of the hypertrophied or enlarged jaw muscles, which can make a face look too square.

Masseter reduction is also good for those who want a more contoured look, or those who have a face that they feel is too square or round. They want a slimmer and more petite face.

What happens during masseter reduction treatment?

The patient is told to chew, so the doctor can feel the outline of the masseter muscle. Ice is applied, then the doctor makes several injections into each masseter muscle on the face. The review appointment is then made for 8 weeks later to assess results

Any complications or side effects?

Side effects for masseter treatment are very uncommon, but can include bruising and headache. Other complications may include patient requiring further treatment for uneven or asymmetrical masseters or problems with smiling. These complications are very rare with good injection technique.

Do jawline slimming injections hurt?

Masseter injections for jawline slimming is probably the least painful treatment we perform at our clinic. We offer many options for pain relief eg ice, topical numbing cream, happy gas (nitrous oxide) and penthrox. However, with masseter treatment, all patients just choose to have ice because it is so easy and quick and involves minimal discomfort

Will I bruise?

Although uncommon, bruising is a possibility with masseter injections. Most patients are happy to go straight back to work after treatment

Is there any downtime with masseter slimming?


Is it suitable for any ages?

It is suitable for adults. With those in older age groups when the skin is slower to retract, smaller doses may be used and then more added every 8 weeks so that there is no worsening of jowls

Do I have to continue with jawline slimming treatments?

You don’t have to continue with treatments, but most patients will love the results and will want to continue the treatments.  If you do not continue with treatments, it is likely that over time the masseters will grow again and the squarer jawline will reappear

What product is used?

Our preference is to use the UK brand of antiwrinkle injections. We cannot name them on our website due to Australian TGA regulations.

How long does face slimming last?

After the first jawline slimming treatment, the patient attends a review appointment in 8 weeks. If at the review appointment, the desired results haven’t been achieved, more injections are recommended on this day. If the desired results have been achieved at this appointment, then the patient should be seen every 3-4 months for 2 years. After this, the patient goes onto a maintenance dose, which for some patients is a significantly lower dose.

What is the Cost of jawline slimming?

Cost varies depending on the size of the patient’s masseters, their age and what level of results they would like to achieve.

Minimum cost is from $390

Typical cost is $730-$830

Maximum cost is from $1150

With maintenance treatments (ie after patient has been having regular treatments for 2 years), the aim is to reduce the amount of product used if possible. Typical maintenance dose is from $380-$630

Please see our price page for current price of anti wrinkle injections for masseter slimming

What is the schedule for maintenance?

Once the results are achieved, treatment should be approximately every 3-4 months at the inital dose. After 2 years of treatments, dose is slowly reduced to see if a lower maintenance dose can be used. Often a smaller dose will be required every 4 months.

Please call the clinic to arrange your appointment for jawline slimming.