Injectables and the Ultimate Antiageing Skincare Routine


The benefits of cosmetic injectables are undeniable. Our wrinkles soften, folds are filled, our face looks taught and youthful. But if our canvas (our skin) is not in the best condition possible this can still age us. Things such as large pores, acne, pigmentation, sun spots and uneven texture make us appear older than we really are. And who wants that??

If achieving a beautiful and youthful appearance is your goal then investing in good skincare is equally important as investing in cosmetic injectables. 

So how can we get the best out of our injectable treatments. What skincare should you be using?

What skincare should you be using?


The number one skincare product that every individual should be using to prevent premature ageing (and skin cancer) of course is a good quality sunscreen. SPF 30 and higher will be the best defence against the ultraviolet light that damages our skin. 


Vitamin A will aid cell turnover resulting in softer, more even youthful skin. An added bonus of this product is also preparing the skin for more effective penetration of other skincare products. Dr Naomi has got your covered with her very own retinol, Vitamin Amen.


Vitamin B or Niacinamide  such as Let it B will even out your skin tone as well and have your skin feeling hydrated and looking luminous and bright.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful anitoxidant and is ideal for improving pigmentation. Dr Naomi Skin has 2 Vitamin C products, Let’s C, with 23% Vitamin C and Swipe Bright Oil, which is a lower C percent and ideal for those who like oils or have more sensitive skin


We recommend and antiageing moisturiser like Plump Fiction for those who like a richer moisturiser. For those with acne or who are sensitive, we recommend Overachiever Moisturiser.


For those oil-lovers we have an anti-ageing Superoil, Lift-Off, which has Bakuchiol, a Retinol-like substance in it, and Swipe Bright, a drier oil with Vitamin C that is ideal as a base for makeup in the daytime


Dr Naomi Skin has multiple products for those who love AHAs, including an essence, called Pore Relation. They also offer a serum, Smooth Criminal and and AHA overnight peel.

The Ultimate Antiageing Routine for Non-sensitive Skin


  • Walk fo Shine Cleanser
  • Pore Relation Essence
  • Let’s C
  • Plump Fiction Moisturiser
  • Swipe Bright Superoil
  • Sunscreen


  • Walk of Shine Cleanser using Clean Freak Device
  • Let it B
  • Vitamin Amen
  • Plump Fiction
  • Lift Off Superoil


One Night Stand over night facial after cleanser at night

3 x weekly

  • LED it Glow LED mask for 10 minutes
  • BDE neck and Dec LED mask for 10 minutes

With the correct tools in your toolkit, it will help improve and maintain the results of your injectable treatment.