Injectable treatments for the body using Antiwrinkle Injections

Trapezius muscle slimming injections
Trapezius muscle slimming injections are an example of off-face injectables

Anti-wrinkle treatments are used for a variety of concerns. It has been used for decades for medicinal purposes such as Bell’s palsy and aesthetically for wrinkles and fine lines but the use of anti-wrinkles extends far beyond that.

What treatment other than wrinkles can muscle relaxing injectables be used for?

Antiwrinkle injections can also treat migraines, bruxism, excessive sweating, body slimming and even hay fever as recently discovered.

When injected by a professionally trained practitioner, the benefits of anti-wrinkle treatment cover not only the
face but also the whole body.

What are the most common body areas treated with anti-wrinkle injections?

The top body treatments that uses anti-wrinkles are hyperhidrosis, trapezius slimming and calf slimming.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhydrosis is excessive sweating. This may be treated with antiwrinkle injections.

When injected into the sweat glands, the injectable can block the receptors in the sweat glands and therefore
reduce sweating to a minimal. The common areas that are injected for hyperhidrosis is the
underarms, feet and hands. The treatment is normally quite painless and quick. The effects
can last from 6 to 12 months. Most clients who have had hyperhidrosis have found that their sweating is reduced significantly and the best part is being able to wear lighter colours in the summer time! It is a fantastic investment for those who are self-conscious about their sweat patches or sweaty palms or feet, it will help boost confidence and self-esteem in a social environment.

Why is trapezius injecting popular?

The trapezius muscle can be quite a dominant muscle. It can look bulky making the neck shorter and chunkier. By injecting the trapezius muscle, we allow the muscle to relax which in turn helps with any built-up tension from the traps. Temporarily relaxing the trapezius muscle will promote muscle atrophy, creating a more swan-like neck.
In addition to creating a more beautiful feminine neck, people who work out often may notice that they are able to train smaller muscle groups as the trapezius muscle isn’t taking on the workload. Slimming of the muscle can take some time as it’s a big muscle however if done with patience and persistence the results are incredible!

Calf Slimming

Like the trapezius muscle, the calf muscle can also be slimmed down. The muscle relaxant is
injected into the gastrocnemius muscle which allows for muscle atrophy. Smaller Gastrocnemius muscles will create more feminine, straighter legs.

Other body slimming areas

The antiwrinkle injections can also be used in the deltoid muscles, the biceps and the triceps to create a smaller, more petite look to the upper body

Anti-wrinkle treatments are not limited to wrinkles and the face, as mentioned above it can
be used in various cases to slim the body or to prevent excessive sweating. The treatments
in the body may take more time to see the results as the muscles are bigger and stronger
however the results are super rewarding when followed through with your practitioner.

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Before and after calf slimming injections
Before and after calf slimming injections