How to Treat the Ageing Lip

Dermal filler used for anti-ageing of the lip and surrounding areas

Lip Ageing

Lips are affected by ageing. Their anatomy changes over the years. Here are some of the changes that occur over time:
  1. Smokers lines form in the “white” or cutaneous upper lip. Or as they call it in Rio, a “barcode” forms
  2. Lips become thinner
  3. The vermilion borders thin and flatten with wrinkles forming in them
  4. The lips lose size
  5. The lips lose projection
  6. The lip corners may fold into each other
  7. Folds form from the lip corners downwards towards the jawline (marionette lines)
  8. The lips start to turn downwards, giving the face a more sad appearance.
The great news is that every one of those problems above can be treated with dermal filler. A lot of patients are nervous when I suggest doing their lips, as they “DON’T WANT BIG LIPS”. The point about performing an anti-aging treatment on the lips is that we are not trying to make them bigger than they were. Our aim is to achieve a YOUNGER looking lip, and as natural as possible, ie to take away the wrinkles, improve the body, the shape and make them more upturned rather than sad. We can also use a muscle relaxing injection to make the corners of the lips less downgoing. In cases where the patient does not want their friends or family to notice any change, we will limit the amount of product injected to about 0.4mls or less. Multiple treatments may be required to achieve the final results.


The main problems which might occur with treatment are bruising and swelling. Patients can help with reducing the risk of bruising and swelling. There are other more rare complications, including infection and necrosis.

How long will the treatment last

Treatment should be performed today, 6 months, then 6 months then once per year.

What is the Cost of Treatment

1ml of dermal filler is from $770

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