How to Treat Neck Ageing

RF skin tightening
How to treat neck ageing

The neck is such an important structure for a person’s age appearance. So often what happens is that patients look after their faces and neglect their necks, and then suddenly they look at their neck and it looks 15 years older than their face. Here we are going to discuss how to treat neck ageing. We are also going to talk about how to PREVENT neck ageing, as this is even more important.

Ageing of the Neck

Volume loss

Like the face, the neck loses volume in some places and the skin is not supported as well by the fat.

Loss of structural support by the jawline

The jawline holds the skin of the neck up, and as we lose bone and soft tissue in the neck, that structural support disappears, and lets everything fall down.

Growth of fat under the chin

This can happen from a very young age even in a thin person who is susceptible, creating “submental fat” usually known as a “double chin”.

Growth of fat under the chin compromises the youthful angel of the neck. The angle of the neck is also compromised with ageing over time by the shortening and contraction of the platysmal bands

Platysmal band effects

With constant contraction and shortening over time, the neck angle is compromised by the platysmal or neck bands.

Skin ageing and sun damage

Skin will age and this is exacerbated by sun damage and other environmental factors. There will be crepiness, pigmentation, poikiloderma, fine lines and wrinkles developing.

Neck lines deepening

Often children have necklace lines. As we age they deepen and can also get volume loss beneath them creating a depression associated with the lines


This occurs sue to a combination of all of the above and can be minimal to severe.

What treatments are available for neck ageing?


Skincare is the first treatment that should be started for the neck. All products that you use on your face should go on your neck and hands. Please discuss your neck with your therapist, as the neck can be more sensitive than the face.

We would recommend as a minimum the following skincare products.

An SPF eg Skinceuticals Ultra Facial Defence SPF 50

A correctly formulated antioxidant like Skinceuticals CE Ferrulic

A vitamin A. Usually a lower strength for the neck would be suitable eg Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5%

Home Care Devices

LED for neck
LED for neck and dec

An example of a good home care device for the neck is a home LED. We recommend Dr Naomi BDE, neck and dec LED device

They’re a low risk and effective way to work on boosting your Collagen at home.

RF microneedling (eg Vivace)

RF microneedling
RF microneedling, aka Fractional RF. Make sure the neck is treated with the face.

This is a great treatment for all skintypes for the neck as it uses multiple technologies to achieve significant results

The RF and the microneedling and LED are useful for skin tightening, and for treating skin ageing. The device can also be used to treat the whole neck area, but it can also spot treat the areas of worst wrinkling and sagging.

Skin Tightening Device

Are pure RF device is also excellent for this area. eg Pelleve or Tempsure. It works by heating deep within the skin which stimulates collagen production.

Skin tightening device for the neck


This device is great for treating skin ageing, reversing sun damage and treating pigmentation. A vascular laser may also be used for those who have more red sun damage.

Bioremodeller injections

Neck ageing
Neck ageing treatments available

Bioremodellers are a revolutionary addition to neck treatment options and work to remodel and tighten the neck skin

Platysmal Band Injections (Nefertiti lift)

Before and after nefertiti lift at our Sydney clinic to prevent and treat neck ageing
Before and after nefertiti lift at our Sydney clinic to prevent and treat neck ageing

Biostimulator injections for the neck

Fat dissolving in jawline

The neck angle is really important and even the smallest pocket of fat there can make and aged appearance. It is really important to get onto this issue as early as possible so that maximal retraction of the skin can occur. Ideally this will be done before 40, but results will still be excellent in patients in their 40s, 50s and 60s. This is a popular treatment with men.

The results are always very natural and the injections are also associated with a skin tightening effect, which is fantastic for the neckline.

Before and after double chin injections
Before and after double chin injections
Before and after neck fat injections
Before and after neck fat injections
Jawline fat dissolving before and after
Jawline fat dissolving before and after

Jawline fillers

As patients age, their jawline bone dissolves, which interferes with the structural support of the neck.

Dermal filler can be used to used to replace this volume loss.

Before and after Jawline filler, PDO threads and double chin dissolving
Before and after Jawline filler, PDO threadlift and double chin dissolving
Before and after dermal filler for sagging, jowls, marionettes and lower face ageing

Threads for the neck

A threadlift using short (collagen stimulating) or long threads can be used to lift the neck to support and lift the sagging neck.

Fractional Laser

Ablative fractional laser can be used to improve the skin of the neck. The skin in vaporised in thousands of columns and new skin grows there which improves the age appearance, smoothness and the texture.

Plasma Pen to Neck

Similar to ablative fractional laser, is plasma pen, which is a skin tightening device.

We no longer offer this service at The Manse.

Biostimulator for the neck

Biostimulators are one our Sydney clinic’s most popular and high satisfaction neck treatments. Biostimulators treat the volume loss and also tighten the skin at the same time.

Dermal fillers for necklines

Fillers may be used to lift the necklace lines. 3 treatments a month apart works very well.

Skinbooster in neck

Skinboosters maybe used in the lines of the neck and also over the whole skin area for replacing the lost internal moisturising agent which occurs with ageing. Great for fine lines, and crepey skin.

Skinboosters for the neck
Skinboosters for the neck

When should I start treatments for the neck?

Skincare should be started as early as possible. Platysmal band prevention should be started in the 20s-30s. Energy based devices like RF microneedling should be started anywhere from 20s to 30s depending on the person. Fat dissolving in those who need it should be done as early as possible form 18 plus. Threads should be performed at a stage when the patient is concerned. Dermal filler should be performed when the patient wants the lines filled. Skinbooster should be performed ideally before the 40s. Despite all of the advice above, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START. We can make an improvement to patients in any age group. The patient in the image below is in their 70s.

neck skin improvement
Neck skin improvement using energy based devices and injectables