How to Create Perfect Lips with Dermal Filler

Lip fillers

How do we create perfect lips for our patients at our Sydney Clinics?

At the Manse we strive to enhance the lips with dermal filler in the most natural, subtle, yet volumised way where patients can gain a new sense of confidence with the love of their new plumped lips.
With our extensive training, knowledge and experience with face design and injecting dermal filler in the lips we’re able to distinguish what lip shape would suit your face and how much lip filler is needed to achieve the look you are after.
The plan  will vary based on what volume the patient already has, if there is any previous filler, if there is any migration, the patient’s
expectations and whether the patient is a suitable candidate or not. This is why a consultation is an important part of achieving the perfect lips.

Why is the patient’s goal important to us?

The consultation part of the clinical process is extremely important as it gives the injector an idea of the patient’s cosmetic history, and the goal and desired result the patient would like to achieve.
It also gives the injector time to discuss their own clinical experience and input re face design  including suggestions of other treatments that will compliment the lips they will be injecting.
Restoring or adding volume to the lips is the usual goal of the patient and can be easily achieved with the right technique and the correct injection placement.
If a patient comes in and would like their lips to be rejuvenated due to ageing and would like a youthful appearance,  a subtle natural filler
will be used to fill up her lips.
Other alternatives may be be a slightly thicker filler for the patient who has the goal of extra volume.
Focusing on the patients’ goal will reduce future issues and dissatisfaction.
Spending enough time communicating with the patient before, during and after a lip filler treatment is important.
We need to minimise the normal side effects of bruising and swelling. It’s always important for the injector to calm down any nerves, especially for a first timer.
The topic of downtime after filler needs to be addressed clearly and before the treatment goes ahead so there isn’t miscommunication regarding this matter.

Perfect lips with dermal filler can be achieved with a couple of key factors.

Cupid’s Bow

When it comes to enhancing one’s facial aesthetics, the lip area is significant to achieve the enhanced beauty of a face.
Creating a cupid’s bow is always crucial when creating lips, especially on a patient that has not had dermal filler in the past (unless the patient is to request no cupid’s bow).
The cupid’s bow will change the patients whole look and enhance their smile. The  Russian technique maybe used whilst creating the cupid bow so lumping does not form and the vermilion border doesn’t look odd.

Vermillion Border

 A well-defined vermillion border is key to the most aesthetically perfect lips.
Also, minimizing trauma to the lips is important when injecting

Ratio of upper to lower lip

Depending on the patients face structure, we usually tend to create lips where the top and bottom are even in volume or where the bottom lip is slightly bigger than the top. So a ratio of somewhere between 50:50 and 40:60 upper lip to lower lip is often advised. The patient’s input on what proportion they would like is welcomed,

Avoiding Projection of the Upper Lip

We avoid projecting the top lip over the bottom lip to avoid the “duck look”.


It is important to choose an injector that has an eye for attention to detail as symmetry is a significant factor when achieving the perfect lips. In order to keep the “perfect and natural” look we must strive for evenness to create a more balanced appearance.

Reviewing the Lips in Motion and when Smiling

It is beneficial toask the patient to smile and to rest, to see if the lips are symmetrical at different facial expressions. It’s also important to watch patients talk
At the Manse we pride ourselves in being extra careful regarding this matter.

What is profile balancing?

When analyzing a patients face we usually start off with analyzing how the nose, lips and chin balance together, especially on side view. This is called “profile balancing” or “the triangle of beauty”. Our aim is to harmonize these 3 parts of your face with a pleasing look from the side view, reaching the “beauty standard”.

“Perfect Lips Happen Over 3 Treatments”

This is an injector’s mantra,
At the Manse we believe slow and steady wins the race. This is the lowest risk, and most effective way to sculpt a face and  to achieve the best possible results for your lips.
Perfection andsymmetry can be better achieved with 3 treatments with the correct amount of filler suitedto your lips.
Injecting slowly and steadily prevents over filling the lips, dissatisfaction with the treatment and asymmetrical outcomes.
As the patients gets lip filler, some may swell and some may bruise which can give the illusion of evenness and unevenness and that is why it is important to come back to the clinic to assess the lips 4 weeks after treatment. We have debunked the idea of perfecting lip filler or any other treatment in one session as it will set unrealistic expectations.

Assistance with Pain at the Manse

It is important when coming in to have lip filler you come in hydrated with a clear mind, full belly and positive attitude towards the treatment.
Even though it is normal for some patient to experience anxiety prior to or during treatment, we strive to decrease your stress levels.
Decreasing stress levels will give the patient an overall better experience getting lip filler.
We may  apply numbing cream to the lips of  patients to minimize the pain as the lips are quite a sensitive area to inject.
For those who have a low pain tolerance we may offer a gas that may take the edge off, especially for first timers that are unsure what to expect.
After treatment some patients may require ice to reduce the swelling and bruising, or some like to watch the healing process uncover naturally. If bruising is a serious concern for the patient, it is advised to use arnica cream from your local pharmacy.
If you would like an appointment for lip filler, please call us on 93315005 or book online.