How Painful are Cosmetic Treatments?

happy gas pain relief for injections
Happy gas pain relief for injectables

A common question that is come across in a cosmetic consult is, “Does the treatment hurt?” 

Any cosmetic treatment that involves needles or ablation (controlled evaporation of skin tissue with laser or radiofrequency device) comes with its fair share of discomfort. The sensitivity to pain stimulus remains a highly variable subjective phenomenon. Although the claims of ‘pain free’ treatments may be a marketing tool, the aim of the treating physician is to minimise the discomfort always and make the experience as much painless as possible. 

What are the important factors relating to pain?

There are various factors that may be at play when it comes to being sensitive to pain while having a cosmetic treatment. It does start with the treating physician’s technique and skills as we know that some clinicians are known for their gentle approach. The other factors that may play and important part in being more sensitive to pain could be, females experiencing monthly hormonal cycle, any recent recovering illness, emotional stress related to personal or professional life. Some people maybe more sensitive if their blood sugar levels are low or they are dehydrated. It is advisable to be well hydrated and have a good source of Carbohydrate a couple of hours before the treatment. 

For Antiwrinkle treatments,

it feels like a mosquito bite or pinching feeling, when injections are close to the mouth and nose, it might feel more sensitive, but the pain is totally manageable.

For Filler treatment

Most dermal  fillers contain lidocaine, so once the products are injected into the treated areas, you will be numbed. For lip fillers, a numbing cream is usually applied approx. 15-30 mins before injections for the comfort. We offer numbing cream and happy gas, depending on the procedure and patient.

All possible measures are taken into consideration to make the experience not just comfortable, but pleasurable. It may start with a beautiful smile at the reception desk but continues to the use of topical numbing agents, application of Ice, injectable anaesthetics and the ever popular Happy Gas. That is the reason majority of the patients at our clinic tolerate the treatment well with a smiling face. 

Pain After Treatments

A sequela question in the cosmetic consult can be, “Does it hurt after the treatment?”

The discomfort extending into the aftermath is dependent on the kind of treatment performed. Major treatments like Full field ablative skin resurfacing, Threads, PRP of certain areas and the use of high volume soft tissue filler, have discomfort associated with it that can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days post treatment. An elaborate ‘after care routine’ discussed with the patient is of prime importance. Oral pain relief has a role and depending on the treatment performed the treating clinician can prescribe oral pain killers to make the post treatment days more comfortable. 

Ice application to the treatment area, if advised by the clinician, is a popular and simple technique to minimise the discomfort post treatment. However, when applying the ice to the treated area one must remember to not have a direct contact between the Ice and the skin. The ice should always be wrapped in a clean paper towel. In addition, the ice should be never be applied continuously. A good regimen is to apply for 15 seconds and then breaking off for 15 seconds. The direct contact with Ice or a continuous contact may result in the skin being damaged.

Our Mantra at The Manse is: All gain, less pain