Hand Dermal Fillers

Hand dermal fillers

Dermal filler for hand rejuvenation is very popular at our Sydney clinic. Hand dermal fillers can be used to treat the volume loss that comes in the hands with age. Patients’s hand become more masculine and aged over time and the fat is lost and the veins become more prominent. The skin becomes thinner and may also be sun damaged.

We had a patient recently who was happy with all of her wedding photos, except the close-ups of her hands.

Daily Mail UK picked up Kristen’s story about her dissatisfaction with her “masculine hands” and her subsequent hand dermal filler treatment.

dermal filler hands sydney
Kristen noticed the prominence of her veins in her hands in her wedding photos
dermal fillers hands
The photos that prompted Kristen to have injections of dermal fillers to her hands

Assessment of ageing hands

The patient’s hands need to be assessed for ageing. Have they lost volume? What is the condition of the hand skin? How is the texture of the hands? Is there a lot of sun damage? Are there brown spots? Are their ageing warts?

These questions above will help determine what procedures the patient will required to improve the appearance of their hands.

The hand filler treatment

For Kristen’s hands, the biggest problems were volume loss and very obvious veins in the hands. The skin also was becoming more crepey. There were minimal brown spots and no ageing warts.

We decided to inject 4mls of dermal filler and 2mls of skinbooster to Kristen’s hands

The procedure went well, with minimal pain, as The Manse Clinic doctor used topical anaesthetic, local anaesthetic and a cannula.

There was some bruising at the cannula entry points and significant swelling for a few days.

After hand fillers
Kristen immediately after hand filler injections

Before and after hand dermal fillers images

Before and after hand dermal fillers
Before and after hand dermal fillers
Before and after dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation
Before and after dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation

For more hand dermal filler before and after images, please see our gallery

How long will the hand fillers last

It’s great to do a small top up every year for hand fillers, BUT, the majority of patients, who have an adequate initial dose, find that the longevity is much greater than 1 year.

Price of hand fillers

For hand fillers, patients often make use of the $2000 4ml package that The Manse may offers at various times.

Biostimulator and skinbooster are also popular in the hands



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