Gummy Smile Treatment FAQs

Gummy Smile Treatment: FAQs

Our Sydney clinic offers the treatment of gummy smile injections. Gummy smile occurs in some individuals where when they smile, there is too much “gum show” above the teeth. Injections can be performed to prevent the upper lip form lifting too high over the teeth
  • What it gummy smile?
Gummy smile is an aesthetic issue where too much gum is showing above the teeth on smiling.
  • What is the best way to treat gummy smile?
Injections of muscle relaxants are the most simple treatment of gummy smile.
  • How do the injections work for treating gummy smile?
Muscle relaxing injections are performed to relax the muscles which lift the upper lip. This will cause the upper lip to disguise the “gumminess” of the smile, creating a much more beautiful appearance
  • Are the injections painful?
Unfortunately, there is pain associated with the injections. Although a numbing cream may be used to reduce the discomfort.
  • How quickly do the injections work?
The patient will start to notice an improvement or lowering of the upper lip within 2-8 days. The maximal result will be visible at 4 weeks after the treatment.
  • How long does the gummy smile treatment result last for?
Most patients will have treatments every 3-4 months
  • What is the cost of gummy smile injection treatment?
At our Sydney clinic, cost is from $290
  • Are there any side effects?
There may be bruising at the injection site. If there is an underdose, then the gummy smile will only be partially corrected and a second treatment will be required. The dose will be adjusted on subsequent treatments. If there is an overdose, the cutaneous upper lip (the skin between the bottom of your nose and your pink lip), may be overly elongated, and the patients speaking, eating and smiling may be affected. These side effects are uncommon, because conservative doses should always be used in first treatments
  • Can teeth and problems be treated with gummy smile injections?
Many patients choose to have gummy smile treatment to disguise aesthetic problems with the upper teeth and gums. Injections will lower the upper lip, so that any discolouration of teeth or gums can be disguised.
  • Are there any patients who aren’t suitable for gummy smile correction?
The anatomy of the patient’s face needs to be assessed, there are some patients who will look worse at rest (i.e. not smiling) with gummy smile treatment. These issues will need to be assessed and discussed with the patient prior to their treatment

Gummy Smile Before and After Case Study

Here is a fantastic case of gummy smile treatment. We have a young and attractive girl who has 2 issues with her appearance on maximal smile. 1. Too much gum show particularly laterally (at the sides) 2. An aesthetic issue with the appearance of the top of the teeth and the gums above the front 2 upper teeth What did we do? When choosing a dose, we can be quite precise about the amount and the amount of lowering that will occur with each dose. We used a dose of 10U of our favoured muscle relaxant. We used a 3 injection point technique, with slightly more required on the patients left gum to lower it, to improve symmetry. The results We were able to hit the absolute sweet spot here. We lowered the upper lip in the middle area and the sides. This caused significant improvement in appearance, There is the perfect amount of tooth show, and the gum colour and other appearance issues are disguised. Also the horizontal crease in the cutaneous upper lip has resolved. Overall, I would have to admit that this lucky patient now has the ultimate smile:)
Before and after 1 treatment for gummy smile

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