Forehead fillers for beauty, feminisation and anti-ageing.

Forehead dermal fillers. Male vs female foreheads (Thankyou Dr Patrick Trevidic for images)

Forehead filler is a really popular treatment at @themanseclinic.
The upper third of the face is very important for beautification, feminisation and for anti-ageing purposes.
With the forehead, it is all about the light reflection.
In the images above you will see the difference between a masculine forehead and a feminine forehead.

Male forehead:

  • Forehead oblique
  • -Glabella pronounced 
  • -Supraorbital rim pronounced 

Female forehead

  • Forehead straight
  • Glabella less pronounced
  • Supraorbital rim absent.

Dermal filler can be used to feminize a masculine forehead.

The Asian Forehead

We also have a large Asian patient group at @themanseclinic , and forehead filling, for improving projection and creating that beautiful feminine curve, is very popular in that subset of patients.

The Ageing Forehead

Symmetry correction and depressed areas appearing with ageing are also common issues in the forehead.

These issues are able to be addressed with dermal filler injection.

Forehead fillers male vs female
Forehead fillers male vs female

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