Forehead Filler Case Study

Before and after forehead filler
Before and after forehead filler

Why are forehead fillers important

The forehead is very important aesthetically as it occupies 1/3 of our face.
It is often neglected area as most people don’t realise its natural aging course and how important it is aesthetically.

What are forehead fillers for?

Forehead fillers can be used to fill forehead concavity and to create a rounder shape. It can also be used for those who lose fat in the forehead, or those whose skin thins and also get depressed areas.
Most of us develop forehead volume loss as a sign of ageing. Typically the area above eyebrows and centrally hollows out with age.

Some of us can be born with a relatively flat forehead and would like a more round forehead.

Forehead filler is popular with Asian patients who like to volumise the area, creating a 3d projected, convex appearance. They may wish to fill the area if it is more concave or has a flatter appearance.

Filler in the forehead can be used for feminisation.

How does the forehead age?

There are bones and fat pads in the forehead which also undergo volume loss due to ageing
like the rest of the face. This volume loss can give the forehead a more hollow and irregular appearance. The smoothness of youth is lost.

The muscles of forehead lose support and hypercontract and form wrinkles. By replacing the volume lost with fillers, it offers better support to the muscles.

What are the risks involved?

The forehead is a special area with rich vascular supplies and nerves. It is a high risk area for vascular occlusions, blindness and cerebrovascular accidents.

However, there are many strategies and techniques that injectors put in place to minimise the risks.

Only advanced and experienced injectors are recommended to perform forehead fillers.

What are common side effects of forehead fillers?

Like most filler procedures, bruising and swelling. Which can be managed. Avoid pressure over the area injected to helo fillers to set. Try to sleep face up also helps.

How many mls of filler do I need?

It depends on the shape of your forehead and what results we are trying to achieve. For those Asian patients who love a to create a more prominent and 3D profile sometimes we put in multiple mls over multiple treatments,

For those patient who are getting multiple depressed areas in their forehead from ageing, we may also need to use multiple syringes and treatments

How many treatments will I need?

You will need usually 2-3 treatment in the building phase and then 1-2 treatments once yearly for the maintenance phase.

Is there any difference between treating female and male patients?

The aesthetic decisions we make are informed by how the patient wants to present to the world.

The female forehead has a more round and projected curve giving it a more youthful and feminine look.
Males also lose volume to forehead but the aim here if the are wanting to keep a masculine look is to fill the depression and not to overcorrect it.

Forehead hollowing becomes worse as we age, and can give us a more masculine look.

Forehead filler Case Study

The forehead is the most neglected area for filler injections (outside of Asia). It has such an impact on beauty. There are many forehead issues that can be aesthetically improved.

In this case, there were depressed areas (this is a very common issue). One of our injectors corrected these and created a smooth, rounded and gently projected forehead, which is very feminine and aesthetically appealing.

Foreheads are also  significantly impacted by ageing, with noticeable volume loss from quite a young age.

Forehead filler case study
Forehead filler case study
Forehead filler case study before and after
Forehead filler case study before and after

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