First Time For Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkle injections first timer
Fresh face after wrinkle Injections

20-something patient

Erin a 20-something beauty blogger, presented to our Sydney clinic for her first ever treatment with injectables. She was concerned about her crows feet, frown lines and horizontal forehead lines. Erin was annoyed that her makeup was starting to stick in her forehead wrinkles. She also just wanted a rally smooth and airbrushed, but natural look. She was a little bit nervous, as she hadn’t done any injectables before. We took photos and Erin completed a consent form, where the risks of the procedure were discussed. These risks include asymmetry, bruising and eye droop, among other issues. We then cleaned her face and completed the treatment. We reviewed Erin in 4 weeks and the results were great, as we expected, with loss of all the lines that had been worrying her.

Which injectables did we perform?

We were concerned with prevention of the crows feet, so we performed a moderate dose to the orbicularis muscle to stop the eye wrinkle crinkling, which over the long term, will prevent it from etching in. We were also concerned with prevention of the frown line wrinkles. This area is very important to prevent from etching in, as we want to avoid having to use filler in that area in the future, due to the higher risks for fill in that area. We also treated the frontalis muscle, which is responsible for those pesky horizontal forehead lines that annoy everyone, because makeup often sits in the creases.

Before and After Images for Wrinkle Injections

See Erin’s before and after wrinkle injection images below. See our gallery for more eye antiwrinkle injections before and after images See our gallery for more frown line before and after injections images

Before and after frown line
Before and after frown line injections

Follow @erinscottbeauty on Instagram Follow @drnaomi1 on Instagram Erin loved her injectables and also wanted a slimmer face, so we performed masseter slimming injections. Will write a post about these soon

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