FAQs Face Reshaping with Injectables

Dr N and C

How do I improve my face shaping with injectables?

Injectables are indicated for people who want to provide more balance to the parts of the face, making the whole set more aesthetic by enhancing its natural beauty. This procedure is indicated to correct disproportions and disharmony in areas such as mandible, chin, cheekbones, nose, lips and eyebrows without promoting radical changes.

What are the best face shapes?

Defining beauty is subjective. We have specific measurements on the patient’s face such as: facial height, bizygomatic distance and bigonian distance. It can be measured by a ruler or a caliper. Guides created in parameters in our literature will facilitate the interpretation of the aesthetic qualities and defects of each patient.

What is the role of dermal fillers on facial contour?

Facial filling technique can promote alignment and correction of angles of the face bringing more harmony and beauty to this face or even just highlighting existing features.

Which areas could be filled to improve the contour of the face?

We usually evaluate the points of the face that been filled can creates elongation, projection or contouring. Some of these include the following

Jaw: the angle of the jaw can be lengthened, defined or increased. The lower face can be widened with dermal filler

Malar: cheekbones can have more projection or definition or widening or reshaping.

Chin: the width, height or projection of the chin can be increased

Lips: increase volume or lengthen them

Forehead: Can have more projection and feminisation

Temples can have depressions lifted

Can Antiwrinkle injections help with facial contour?

Yes, the application of muscle relaxing injections can be used to raise or correct the angle of the eyebrows, and slim the face when used in the masseter muscle.

Can I have thread lifting treatment to improve my facial contour?

·Yes, the insertion of threads on strategic points allows the repositioning and definition of facial contours, such as neck and face.

The technique can also raise the eyebrows, improve the volume of the cheeks and cheekbones and soften deep marks, such as nasolabial fold.

Is there any other treatment to improve facial contour that could be used for patients that have volume loss?

Yes, biostimulator is amazing to treat and prevent flaccidity and improve facial contour, since it promotes an increase in skin tension. With this, the furrows, wrinkles and expression marks will be reduced

I would like to improve my facial shape, is there any contraindication for these treatments?

Pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding should inform the professional, since this group is contraindicated to treatment. The use of some medications, autoimmune disease and possible allergic reactions should also be considered before these treatments.

Is it worth to change my face to a better shape?

Facial harmonization is a good investment for personal image and to raise self-esteem which adds health and well-being to oneself. It is really up to the individual whether it is what they want and if it will be worth it to them.

Which care should I have to maintain my facial contour treatment?

Both the techniques used, and the patient’s habits can interfere with the duration of treatment. In the case of dermal filler, which is a substance naturally produced by the body, it is absorbed by the body over time. For this reason, treatment does not usually exceed 12-18 months. After this period, the patient must make a new application. The results may be less or more prolonged depending on the habits of the patients. People who sunbathe, exercise strenuously, or are smokers tend to have shorter effects of facial harmonization.