FAQ A-Frame Dermal Filler

before and after upper eyelid injections
Before and after upper eyelid injections, including Aframe

What is Aframe filler?

A frame fillers are fillers placed in the upper eyelid, specifically the inner part of the upper eyelid.

Who is it for?

It is best for people who have hollow upper eyelids. Some people are born with less fat in this area creating a hollowed appearance. In some people, the hollow gets worse as you age because some of the bone gets reabsorbed. Filling the a frame can be great for people who want to create a “sultry” look.

What can you expect?

The whole process typically takes less than an hour. Usually less than a ml of dermal filler is injected with a cannula into the inner part of the upper eyelid. Usually no numbing is needed but ice packs can help reduce the swelling and pain of the treatment.

Is it risky?

Compared to other injectable areas, the A frame is a higher risk area. The bigger risk here is the risk of blindness and vascular occlusion i.e. a blood vessel getting blocked off causing normal skin and body tissue to die. This is quite uncommon but it is important to be aware of the risks.

There is also the potential for slight asymmetry and the need for subsequent treatments to even out the results. These might incur an additional cost.

The usual risks of bruising and swelling are also possible.

Is it painful

It is not a very painful procedure

Who is a frame fillers not suitable for?

A frame fillers are not a lifting treatment. They will not lift a dropped brow. It is not suitable for people who have very loose upper eyelid skin as the skin is not firm enough to support the shape of the added filler.

It is not suitable for people who lack a visible double eyelid. 

It is not suitable for people who are already concerned about a small appearance of their eyes.

Should I expect perfect symmetry?

While we aim to make the results as symmetrical as possible this is not necessarily achievable as most eyes are not symmetrical to begin with. Because of the differences in eye shape it may not be possible to recreate a result that we achieved in one a frame with the alternate a frame.

How long will it take to see results?

After treatment you will immediately see the shape of your A frame change. Some of this added volume is from the swelling of the treatment itself. Because of the swelling associated with the filler and injection we recommend waiting at least 4 weeks before judging the result of your A frame treatment. We will book in a second follow up appointment to evaluate the shape of your A-frame. Typically between 1-3 treatments are required in the building phase.

How long will it last?

It may take several treatments to achieve the desired results. Once the desired results have been achieved, it typically lasts several years. For the maintenance phase, many patients will require treatment every 3-4 years or more. Some patients may have shorter lasting, but it is more common for it to be long lasting in this area.

Aframe upper eyelid filler
Aframe upper eyelid filler