Chin Enhancement

Before and after chin augmentation

Before and immediately after (some swelling) chin dermal filler

Before and after dermal filler to make chin less square and more pointy

Chin enhancement can be achieved through injectable treatments

Dermal fillers can be used to enhance the chin

Filling marionette lines: Marionette lines can be very aging and area easy to fill with dermal filler

Chin reshaping with dermal filler: A chin may be made more square or pointy with dermal filler depending on the patients’ preferences

After permanent chin implant: Sometimes after chin implants the results are asymmetrical or uneven, dermal filler may be injected to make the appearance more smooth and natural

Chin enlargement: a recessive chin may be projected more (on profile) or lengthened

Chin crease: may be filled with dermal filler to smooth the wrinkle/ line / fold

Treat the signs of an aging chin: with age the bone and soft tissue support of the chin reduces. also the skull rotates causing the chin to move backwards. These issues need to be addressed with dermal filler in the chin and jawline

Muscle relaxing injections can be used to enhance the chin

Mental crease (chin crease): Can be treated by injecting muscle relaxing injections into the mentalis muscle, dermal filler may also be required

Overactive mentalis: Sometimes the patient has an overactive mentalis (chin muscle which raises and pulls the chin up and inwards. This muscle can be injected with muscle relaxing injections

Bobbly chin (lumpy chin): Sometimes patients have a bobbly appearance of their chin, this can become even more obvious when they are speaking. Muscel relaxing injections work very well to improve this bumpy appearance. Dermal fillers can help as well


Before & After dermal filler in chin for the treatment of aging (lips also treated)


Before & After dermal filler to chin for aging (lips also treated with dermal filler)


Before & After dermal filler injected into chin to increase projection

Dr Naomi’s Tip 

In the cosmetic medicine industry at the moment, the aging of the lower face, especially relating to structure is ignored. The reason being that patients rarely come in saying “I’d like to fix the structure of my lower face”. The other reason is that with smaller doses, the results are only subtle, so patients (and doctors) may not think it is worthwhile.

It is SO important to keep on top of the lower face structure so that a patient can have a more naturally young appearance. There is nothing more cosmetic-patient looking than an overtreated mid face (ie big cheeks) and a tiny chin and dissolved jawline. This look needs to be avoided.

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