Face Improvement with 1ml of Dermal Filler

Face improvement with 1 ml of dermal filler is possible.

The 4ml packages of dermal filler are the most popular treatment at our Sydney clinic, for obvious reasons, including getting downtime like bruising over in less treatments, efficiency in terms of time, cost effectiveness and results.

For patients who don’t find multiple syringe treatments suitable for reasons of lack of downtime or budget, 1ml is still really popular, and using it can achieve a subtle yet excellent change.

In the case below, the patient had her cheeks, lips and chin injected. A lovely subtle change was achieved. The amounts injected were as follows

  • Cheeks 0.3mls
  • Lips 0.5mls
  • chin 0.3mls

PS: thank you to the awesome patients who supply me with their own before and afters images, it’s really fantastic

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