Eye Wrinkle Injections

Eye wrinkle injections are a popular treatment at our Sydney clinic.

A lot of 20-something and 30-something girls ask me about eye wrinkle prevention and treatment.

The eyes in caucasians are often the first part of the face to show ageing, so it is important to get onto it early and to prevent these lines from etching in

before and after btx crows feet
Before and after eye wrinkle injections

Above is an example of an early thirties girl who had eye wrinkle injections.

How do eye wrinkle injections work?

Eye wrinkle injections work by the muscle relaxant being injected into the orbicular oculi muscles around the eye, reducing the strength of their contraction therefore reducing the appearance while still keeping a natural appearance.

Will the brows lift as well?

Yes, mostly with crows feet injections, the brows will lift slightly.

How long do the injections last?

Most people have treatment every 3-4 months. At 8 weeks the wrinkles start to come back and at 16 weeks the wrinkles are approx 80% back.

Do the injections work for prevention of wrinkles?


Is dermal filler better for these eye wrinkles?

In general, no. Although if there is volume loss in the under eye/cheek area, then dermal filler will be needed for support of this area to give a more natural looking result. Dermal filler can also be used to fill the tear troughs or the upper eyelid for antiageing.

What other treatments are good for eye wrinkles?

There are many other treatments available for eye wrinkles, although injections are always the most effective. The other treatments include:

  • Home care, including eye creams
  • Peels
  • Skin needling
  • Dermal Filler
  • Fractional laser, ablative and non-ablative
  • Full field laser resurfacing
  • PRP

What age should I start treating my eye wrinkles with injections?

It depends on your skin type and skin ageing level. Just before they start etching in would be the best time

Cost of wrinkle injections for eyes

The smallest amount that would get a result would be approx $280, but basically, the results for eye wrinkles are dose related, so using more product and therefore spending more money will give a better effect. The typical spend would be approx $390, but up to $530 will give bigger and longer lasting results.

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