Eye Ageing Treatment

Eye Ageing Treatment

Eye ageing treatment is one of the most common reasons patients present to cosmetic doctors. Eye ageing occurs due to many factors, including age-related volume loss, sun damage and repeated use of the orbicularis oculi muscle due to smiling. Patients get sick of hearing, “You look tired”? Especially when they’re not…. The main eye issues that patients present with are the following:

  • Tear troughs: Tear troughs are the depressions in the lower eyelids where the lid connects to the cheek. As we age and lose volume, these get longer and deeper.
  • Crows feet: Are the wrinkles that form on smiling at the sides of the eyes.
  • Eyelid skin: With age, eyelid skin becomes thinner and more crepey, with fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Brow position: With age, brows can become more droopy or they can become more raised.
  • Temple volume loss: With age, temples lose volume, and become hollow.
  • Upper lid volume loss: With age, the upper eyelid loses volume, creating an “A-frame deformity” which is a hollowing of the upper and inner orbital rim.
eye ageing treatments
Before and after crows feet injections for eye wrinkles

Crows feet wrinkles

Crows feet wrinkles can be easily removed by muscle relaxant injections to the eyes. This is great for eye wrinkle prevention.

This treatment is the most popular eye ageing treatment at our clinic. The satisfaction rate is very high.

Treatments for eye ageing
Dermal filler can be used in tear troughs to reduce the appearance of eye bags or under eye hollowness. It is a very common treatment in our Sydney clinic

Tear Trough Fillers

The tear troughs can be injected with dermal filler to make them less obvious, and also to disguise eye bags. So many patients present for eye ageing treatment due to their dark circles or under eye hollowing.
Often tear trough filler will take about 3 treatments to get it optimal, and then the maintenance will be once yearly for the area.
It is important when using filler under the eyes, that the skin overlying it is in the best shape possible

Eye ageing treatment
Before and after Eyebrow lift

Brow lift

Many patients notice the the position of their brows or lids lower as they age. Some cases with asymmetry, like this one. We inject muscle relaxant into the part of the orbicularis that pulls the brow down and then those muscle responsible for lifting the brows can act unopposed, and natural and subtle eye brow lift is created. Please see some brow lifting before and afters.

Eye ageing treatments
Before and during temple fillers


As we age, we lose volume in our temples. The area sinks in and looks very hollow. This can also affect the brow position..Temples can be treated with dermal filler or biostimulator.

eye ageing treatment

Eyelid skin Injectables

Eyelid skin is prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Eyelid  skin can be treated with injectables including PRP (ie platelet rich plasme) and skinbooster injections, which is a very popular eye ageing treament The skinboosters may be injected with a gun or by hand.

Skin treatments for eye wrinkles
Skin treatments for eye wrinkles

Skin Treatments

Many types of skin treatments can be used to improve eye skin, including home care, LED, needling, chemical peels, non-ablative fractional laser , fractional ablative laser and resurfacing laser (Erbium laser). Our most popular treatments for under eyes include fractional laser, as it will improve the texture and the wrinkles and fine lines.

before and after upper eyelid injections
Before and after upper eyelid injections, including Aframe

Upper eyelid volume loss

The upper eyelid loses volume and looks more skeleton-like as we age. We are able to replace the volume with dermal fillers. Dermal filler in the upper lid is a very important one if patients want to remain looking youthful.

Aframe lid filler
Aframe lid filler


For pricing for all of above procedures, please go to our pricing page.

What are your goals for your eyes?

Patients should make an appointment and discuss with their practitioner their problem areas, their downtime, budget and aims, so that a bespoke plan to improve their eyes can be prescribed.
For those who want to make a start using home care for eye ageing treament, please ask any of our therapists at your next appointment to help you out with a skincare plan.
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